Musical Wreaths I Wear Poem by Mohammad Younus

Musical Wreaths I Wear

Rating: 5.0

Beloved, your music pops up...
...from my heart's deep,
How can my face conceal... heavenly ecstasy,
My delight shines in my eyes... I hear your flute,
By its charmful tunes...
...a longing pops up in my soul... get free from the cage of
mortal frame,
Desires to go flying to the heaven...
...and dance before your sublime throne,
Shouts out under the spell of ecstasy:
'O let me flee from here! ',
Beloved, how your music's charms...
..? waft me dancing...
...through the seven skies to your throne!
Let me go round and round your throne...
...chanting with joy:
'I am here, I am here'...
...lest in separation I should die!
Beloved, I am here, musical wreaths I wear,
O how can I thank you for giving me...
...great honour?
Even the angels I see bowing to me... your music resonates in me;
They smell my fragrance just as the bees...
...put their nose on the flowers of paradise.


Musical Wreaths I Wear
Nate Tulay 14 April 2022

A truly magical poem... pure lyrical poetry at its finest...5 Stars

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Ruta Mohapatra 23 November 2021

Simply beautiful!

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MAHTAB BANGALEE 23 November 2021

Beautiful poem penned; congrats for being selected as POD

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David Wood 22 November 2021

Simply delight, it's always a a joy to read one of your poems.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 22 November 2021

Flute is a precious instrument in the Indian (Historic) Culture as we think of Lord Krishna in Indian's ancient times, a marvelous poem and most deserving as The Member Poem Of The Day 5 Stars full

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