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11 June 2020

The strongest deterrent against oppression is resistance

11 June 2020

Each ray of false hope weaves a maze

11 June 2020

Who will stop flowers from blooming in their appointed season even when the sky is raining blood

11 June 2020

When all the world will be in war Honey bee will still be dancing

11 June 2020

If you love somebody, let you not test them: if they return your love, rejoice; but if they don't, do not be dejected.

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Darlan M Cunha 04 June 2021

Thank you very much for 'following' my Page.

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Darlan M Cunha 04 June 2021

'Why should they took at me to deliver me from pain? '

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Donald R Wolff JR 05 March 2021

I like reading about peace of soul. Great job and nice thoughts.

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please send me your own words poem through in send message in form of poem

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Great poet my favorite but not in list, new poems poet ever writing new poem and three top new poem his poem one of them

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The Best Poem Of Mohammad Younus

I Am A Kashmiri, I Too Am A Human Being

I am a Kashmiri, I, too, am a human being,
Day and night I hear the shrieks of mothers,
Moaning and mourning over their slain children,
Shouldering the coffins of near and dear,
Wailing and singing elegies as did Zainab,
When, going alone, through the battlefield of Karballa,
I hear the chinars cry when the sad winds blow,
Touching their paled leaves and boughs,
All things in the geography of my valley wail and weep,
Wherever I go, I hear the noise of soldiers,
Firing and beating to pulp young and old,
Razing to ground with mortar guns the temples and houses,
All day, all night, I see them parading,
Through the winding alleys of my downtown,
Unleashing havoc: killing, maiming,
plucking out the eyes and painting the roads red,
They leave behind horrible scenes and stories,
When they leave for their barracks,
After calling off their catch and kill operation,
I cry out loud to world-lords for help and intervention,
But! nobody cares to listen my woeful cries,
They have their business interests more dear to them,
Why should they look at me to deliver me from pain?


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