Ricardo Antunes

Bronze Star - 2,067 Points (02/11/1982 / Springfield, Massachusetts)

Love Letter: A Symphonic Vision Of Two Hearts - Poem by Ricardo Antunes

To Dream...Steadfast We Live

Dedicated to all those dreamers
Steadfastly refusing
To cast aside childhood entirely
Completely maintaining a glimmer
Of childlike innocence and sparkle,
Shining ray upon ray of hope
Through the dark cloudy skies

Whereby in casting a life
In momentary shadow,
Therein replacing the dark
With the ever present light
Of dawn's healing rays.

Love In Blessing

Two eyes shining as beacons
Luminescent points of light
Guiding me along the contours of that face
Etched forever in memory
Easily broken, long in mending
Perpetually beating to the rhythms of the night
Patient in virtue
Love in blessing

Four years 'til sunrise

So litary white rose in the cold
Longing for the warmth
Petals still intact
Never wilting, never dying
Longing for care
Often neglected
Petals in place
Would she love me yes?
Does she love me not?
Four years of cold
For the years of hope
For the dawn's early caress
Holding on for that healing day
Waiting out for that extended dawn


Lovelorn days and nights.
Dreaming the time away
For that special woman
To cross my path
Along the intertwining crossroads
Of existence.
Fork in the crossroad.
Which way should I go
Snip! Snip goes the marionettes' strings
Allowing one to move unheeded
Guided by the eternal book of fates
Upon this ceaseless interlocking destinies
Of so many varied number of existences,

One wonders,
Existence being as vast as it is
And we in turn are so miniscule in size and nature.
We are each in our own way significant,
Leaving behind a rippling impact
Upon the tumultuous seas
Bordering said crossroads.

No matter how big or small
The 'skipping stones' are
There is a ripple left in our wake
Paralleling our steadfast journey forward
Towards whatever futures lay before us
Along the distant horizon line

Dove Tailing At First Sight

Turtle doves
When slow falling
In love graced
Fast with longing
Hands of clock time
Stretched out akimbo
Felt as limbo,

Halt in time
Once first sight
Set like diamond
Stud of ring
Engaged remembrance-shimmers,

Felt in peace
Filled to calming
Soft starry eyed
Enchantment soaring
Soul filled
Swooning glory love,

When heart of mind
In step to virtue
Bliss filled love
Felt when seen,

Hair of blackest
Raven night
Streaked with blond
Glint of hair,

Air of white
Abated breath,

Love's true
Maiden glory life
In living honor
Kept for memory:

The one
The true
Princess Angel Eyes.

Angelus Eyes Infinito

Materialize Love When First Seen
As In Heart Rate Forever
Frames Of Mind Freeze In Time
Repeated Ad Infinitum
Angel Of Glory Morning Light
Dawn The Rays To Bright the Soul
Syncs The Heart With My Mind
Mind The Heart To Repeat Time
Re-love The Moment Seen
For This Beauty Unsung Queen
Glory Be This Beauty Girl
Heart Of Face Define What's Pretty
Eyes To Blaze A Passion Mind
Sync The Heart With All Time
Angel Eyes Seen In Face
When Our Hearts Beat Forever

Princess Angel Eyes

Fools Rush In
And I've Been Foolish All My Life
Wise Men Saw
A Heaven Sent Angel From Up Above
Divinest Of Birthright
Beauty Oh So Divine
This Angel Made Beauty
Their Origins Were With Her
As The Holiest Bells Rung
Upon Her Arriving
To Soothe All To Quiet
Heaven Sent Love

Eternal Grace Defined.

Her Beauty Towers
Above All Women;

Her Eyes Alone
Can Bring Any Man
Down To Their Knees
To Shudder And Weep
In Awe Before This
Long Legged Statuesque
Goddess Made Flesh;

Her Look Alone
Could Melt
The Coldest of Hearts
And Replace The Cold
With An Everlasting
Love To Warm;

All The Greatest Artists
Who Ever Lived
Could Toil Away
In Unison
For An Eternity
Upon A Portrait
And Only Capture
A Tenth Of Her Beauty;

She Defines
All That's Pretty,
Ever Pretty,
Divine Grace;

A Lilt Of Voice,
A Hint Of Laughter,
To Rival and Surpass
Mona Lisa's Smile,
Inquiring Minds
Would Love To Marvel
At This Beauty;

Ever Pretty,
Oh So Pretty,
Divine Grace.

Behind Your Eyes I See Forever

A Soul To Love Seen So Fair
Beauty Sought And Once Found
Your Eyes Lay Open Windows To A Soul
As Blinding To Sight As High Noon
As Romantic To Stare As Full Moon
Is A Love All Sought To Fulfill
A Heart Once Empty of All Love
Behind Your Eyes I See You
To Fill Aglow A Heart Once Dimmer
Found Love To Heart A Man When Lost
A Lighted Path To Guide My Heart
Found Purpose From Your Eye Glimmer
After Shimmer Glow Of Heart The Soul
Behind Your Eyes I See You
Behind My Eyes You See Me
Behind Our Eyes We'll Go Together
After Glimmer Souls So Pure
Love Seen There Will Be Forever

The Divinity Of All Beauty...

... Is A Woman Full Of Grace;
The Epitome Of All That's Good;
In All Of Womankind
There Is No Equal;
This Sensational Gorgeous Girl
Was Created Woman Of Purest Innocence;
Once Seen
You Shall Never Forget;
All Shall Believe
And Rejoice For This Woman
Made To Love From Afar
Or So Close
Up On High
Here On Earth

Pedestal To Support
Of This Statue Chiseled Flesh
Perfect To Look
Loving To Touch
All Is Much More Beautiful
With Her Around
The Landscapes
The People
The Scenic Everything

She Is The Divinity Of All That's Good
Never Evil
Godly Beauty
Always Pure
In All Skies

Cheer For She Is Near
On This Earth
Of This Plane
To Empower
All Of Man
And All Of Woman
And All That's Good
For All That's Sacred
Shall Ordain The Woman...

The Divinity Of All Beauty.

A Synapse Kiss of Creation Thought

After Image From Sight Gone but Latent in Memory
In Mind's Hope and Prayer for Sight Once Seen
Made True to Life Once Presence's Past Converge To Be
In Full Of Light To Hope Of Lasting Thought

Her Face To Mold A Mind To Weep
Frozen In Memory but Moving to LIght
A Way To Heart A Path Once Gone
Love Deprived Of Time As Whole When Lost

Synapses Electrify A Momont Framed
In Blanketed Sight of Sound to Comfort
To Heart The Eyes' Course Through Mind
An Interwoven Stitch of Reflected Memories

A Moment's Past To Reflect When Present
In Mind Of Sight To Hold A Moment's Touch
Brevity To Light the Whole of Mind
Memory To Last While Present Past Begone From Eyes

Beauty At First Sight

She Was A Beauty Of Her Own Right
A Divine Right
Fore She Was There
She Was Everywhere
And Nowhere All At Once

I Saw Her For What She Was
And For What She Is
A Love I Held For Years
I Saw Her First On A Day
Like Any Other
But A Difference
She Was There
And That Made All The Difference
In The World
And In My Life

It Was Love... At First Sight

Creative Genesis

She Is Beauty
An Angel Made Life
True To Being
Holier Than Thou

Honor Bound
A Torch Held Tight
Proverbial Glowing
In Heart Of Mind's History

Fueled Of Love
Inspiration For Life
A Yearning For
To Give Rise To Wife

To Dawn The Thought
Wave Of Glory
Ride The Current
To Past Virtue

Innocence Bound
Naivete Of Bliss
Forge A Union
Of Man With Beauty

True To Love

She Silences All Minds To Peace
As Her Eyes Are Made To Astonish The All Inclusive
Her Essence Is To Splendor
As Her Spirit Gives Rise To Grandeur

She May Not Be Famous To All
But She's Someone To Two
Myself And Hopefully Her

Fore Celebrity Isn't Everything
But Love Is Outstanding For One
When Felt In Two

The Proof Of Love Is In Her Eyes
The Prettiest Kind Of All
The Eyes Of An Angel
So Say This True Believer

Make A Wish From Afar

Points Of Light In A Face
An Awe Inspiring Constellation
Seen Of Her From Afar
Up On High With Those Eyes
Known To Man The Brightest Stars

When On Earth, She Shines The Heavens
Up On High With Those Eyes
An Eye Laden Eternity
Not A Glimpse, Nor A Glance
But A Longing From Afar

Her Body Diffuse Reflection
Of The Light From Her Eyes
Focus Light On Her Face
Bounce The Incident Ray Of Two Stars
Not Like A Moon But Like A Woman
An Illuminated Ideal

Make A Wish To Hold Her Tight
In Your Arms, Oh So Bright
To Hold A Woman That You Love
Heaven Sent From Above

Heart Of Sand

A Moments Grain Of Sand
To Collect In Your Hands
Sands Of Time Oh So Small
Can Slip Between Your Fingers
And Fall From Your Grasp
That's If Your Not Careful
Fore A Moment Is A Treasure

So Hold Those Moments Dear
Near Your Heart Where They Belong
Because In Time You May Forget
Like Passing Sand Through An Hour Glass
Or Through The Fingers Of Your Grip

Life Like An Hour Glass
Full Of Moments Made of Sand
To Fall Through Its Center
And To Collect In The End
Of A Life To Remember

An Angel And A Day: The Birthright Of Beauty

She Has The Prettiest Eyes In All The Land
Ones You Can Stare Into For Hours At A Stretch
Or An Eternity And A Day
Whichever Way
She Has... Angel Eyes

For The Disbelievers, I Ask
Have You Stared Into Her Eyes?
Heard The Lilt Of Her Laugh?
Or Hear Her Voice Like A Siren Call Made To Love?
Seen Much Beauty Thus Far?
Because You Haven't As Of Yet
Until You've Seen This Beauty From The Stars
A Summation Of Divine Observations

For Her Lineage Thus Far
I Thank My God
For Blessing Her Heaven Sent Birth
A Very Lordly Privilege
In Placing An Angel On This Earth

Beauty Tells No Lies

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder
And Beauty Tells No Lies
As I Saw This Angel In The Eyes
A Personification Of All That's Wonderful

Hyperbole For My Angel
Fore This Is Not Exaggeration
Or Just A Figure Of Speech
Its Everything That's FACT.

So Please Love Me Sensitive
Love Me Slow
Love Me All Life Long
Fore What I Feel For You Is Never Wrong

I'd Get On My Knees To Beg
Forgiveness And For Love
To Hold Your Hand In Life
In Marriage And Beyond

Tunnel Vision Of The Heart

My Eyes Were Made To Wander
But I Had Tunnel Vision For You Instead
I Saw Nothing But Your Eyes
For A Face I Loved To Stare

I Marveled At The Beauty
All Would Call A Face
But To Me Yours Is An Accomplishment
To All Of Womankind

Any Man Would Feel Lucky
To Have You At Their Side
I Would Feel Broken Hearted-Spirits
To See You All Alone

So I'd Hope You'd Have Me
Imperfections And All
To Heal This Broken Heart
When I've Been All Alone

When I Rode Alone

I'd Go Against My Principles
And Save You For Myself
Because Of Love And Honor..
. I'll Fight For Your Hand.
Up On My Lonesome
I'd Ask You To Ride
Like We Were Always Destined
To Ride Off Into The Sunrise

In Marriage I'll Be Honored
To Have You For My Bride
You Are What Make Passions Soar
You Are Beauty Personified

Long Before The Sun
Were Ever To Set
Let Us Ride Away
Towards A Life We'll Never Forget

Ever-Heart In Longing

A Woman Is To Man
As Heaven Is To God Up Above.

Without You Here Girl...
I've Gone Through Inferno

I Praised You To The Heavens
Where You're From
And Where We Belong.

My Heaven Is With You Girl;
Where You're From, Up Above.

How I Must Have Waited
And Longed In Patient-Virtue
For You, My Angel Beauty.

To Grace My Life... With Your Love.

My True Heaven

She Is To Light
What Sunshine Is To Day
She Is My Sunshine
I Am Her Knight
Without You Here Girl
There Is No Day

Just Starlight
To Light The Night
In Longing For You Girl
You Set My Passions Ablaze

Star Bright
Star Light
I Wish Upon A Star Tonight
In Want To Get To Know You Girl;

Not Just For A Day
But For A Lifetime...
You Are The True Heaven

With You Here Girl,
You Set My Passions Ablaze.

Memories' Grace A Love When Found

I'd Be Very Attentive To Everything She Is
And Had To Say...
I'd Let Her Talk For Hours On End.
Just To Hear The Sound Of Her Voice Again.
When I Cry Over A Girl...
It Doesn't Mean I'm Depressed Or Sad.
For A Moment...
It Takes Me Back To A Time
When She Was Around.
It'd Be A Gift Just To Have Her Here Again.
Its A Gift Just To Remember...
In Having Lived It.
A Memories' Grace
A Mind To Love
A Past Recalled
Before Your Eyes
A Girl You Love
The Brightest Star
There To Shine...
There Is None Brighter
Than A Girl You Love

A Jigsaw Puzzle Piece In Heart

You See My Heart
Its For You
Its Broken In Half
Do You Have Some Glue
Its Like A Big Puzzle Piece
They Fit Together
One Half For You
One Half For Me
You Make My Heart Complete
Incomplete As Two
Whole When One
When I Am With You
We'll Be Whole As Two
As Its Mended With You
So Don't You Dare Leave
Or My Heart Will Break In Two

Dreams Grace My Heart

God Graced You With Beauty.
You Are What's Beautiful To Me.
As A Child, You Were An Angel.
As You Reached Adulthood,
You Became The Prettiest Girl I Ever Seen
You Blossomed Into A Flower
If Not Sweeter Than A Whole Field Of Roses
To Brighten Up Your Life,
I Would Love You When You Were Near
You'll Still Live On In My Heart
Long After You've Moved On

I Must Thank You For What You Made Me Feel
Just You Here Would Make Me Feel Alive Again
You Made Me Feel Like A Man
When Alll I've Ever Been Was A Boy
With You Gone, I Am Half The Man I Ever Was
And Will Ever Be Again

You Had The Prettiest Of Eyes
That I Would Love To See Forever.
But Only In My Dreams
Will We Be Together.

A Heart To Open

Open Lock Locket Open
Of A Heart Scene Of You

A Chiseled Face To Perfection
All My Time Is On You

For A Heart Made To Love
As My Life Torn In Two

In My Mind We Are As One
As Our Hearts Beat In Two

Christmas For The Lovelorn.

She Was The Only Star In My Sky
I Suppose With Absence
My Heart Has Grown Dimmer
She Was The North Star
She Guided My Heart To Love
With Her Gone, I Have Lost My Way
To Shine A Light For Her Return
If She Returns For Me At All
Hope Fuels The Light Of Way
To A Heart Of Mind Now Lost In Time
For Christmas....

Heaven Sent Prayer

Blessed Be This Angel Princess
Eyes So Bright To Hold And Witness

Fascinates To All Whose There
Be Those Fortunate Ones To Stare

True To Being Surge Of Love
Heaven Sent From Above

Ever-Present Be Her Aura
A Pandora Box Of Love

Not Of Evil But Of Heaven
Come This Aura From Above

I Dub Thee Princess Spawned Of Angels
Eyes To Shining Love To Soar

Lips Inviting Warmth To Body
Everybody Sees This Grace

Bloom This Love For One So Pretty
Ever Pretty Course of Day

Dawn The Day To Light Of Happiness
Be The Happiness Be Tomorrow

Love For Thee... Evermore

Years That Span Out of Reach
From Sights Remembered
Long Since Passing
Away From View’s Immediate Touch

The Proximity Of You Was Short And Lovelorn
When An Expanse of Time Grows Crushing
Of Ones’ Mind And Heart To Mourn
What’s Forgot Of Me In You In Separate-Absence

The Lilt of Laughter Echoes
Through My Heart Once Broke Into
Peace Defined In Your Eyes’
Evermore Made To Stare

Back At Me I See Reflect
The Love When Gone In Subtract
Your Time And Interests Wane
Fore A Continent's Cry-Far Of Distance

A Glass Of Mind Shattered Made
Mend The Broken Peace Defined
This Love In Me I Feel For Thee
A Broken Heart’s Peace In Two

Peace of Love, Divide In Years

Eyes to Light a Man in Peace
A Voice to Comfort the Inner Being
A Core of Conflict in Regret
Inaction Leaves a Life Incomplete
For Years Once Past in Days of Yore
For A Girl Turned Woman in Ones' Eyes
My Mind Ablaze of Intellect's Desire
An Equal In Memory But Far Superior
To A Heart Once Broken of Love In Fragment
Longing Afar From Distant Horizons
Divide The Two In Space And Time
For Years Divide Love In Passing
Moments of Time, No Peace of Mind.

Gray Skies Illuminate The LOVE

Gray Skies Illuminate The Heart
Fog The Mind Of All Sight
Seen By All, Felt As One

To Cloud The World At Ground Level
To A Man, Blinded Love

To Kiss A Hand, A Touch Of Gray
To Hold Her Hand, A Touch Of Body
Visibility Touched Down To Gray
Feel The Warmth Of Her Love

Felt As Whole
Not In Fashion
In These Ways
Now A Days...

Gray Matter Matters Gray
Of A Mind Seen In Heart
Of A Face To Light The World
A Beacon Ray Through The Gray
Visibility Set With Two, Seen Of Love

When Blanketing The World Of Gray
Up To Heaven's Stay Of Passion
A Fog To Lift The Two
Up To Heaven's Stay Of Love

A Stay Of Love With Gray Passion
Of Two Lives In The Skies
Met The World At Ground Level
Of Two Hearts Made Of Love

It Matters Not What We See
It Matters Yes How Its Felt.
A Stay With Skies Oh So Gray
A Stay Of Passion, A State Of Love

July 21st,1980

A Momentous Time Back Upon A Monday In July
The Place Where Be: New York
The Date There Be: The 21st
The Dawn Of New Life

A Newborn Angel Born
To A Sign Astrological In Time
An Astrological Sign That Resembles The Number Year 69
The Year Man First Touched Down Upon The Moon

Of An Angel On The Rise
Man Reached Out Toward The Skies
When This Angel Came From Heaven
A Birth Timed To Perfection

A Moon Child Synchronous In Birth
To A Walk Of Man Upon The Moon
To Find A Celestial Body Here On Earth
Embodied In A Child Born Of Woman

A Monday's Child So Pure Of Face
Wholesome In Appearance
Born At The End Of A Summer Solstice
Born To The Astrological Sign Of Cancer

To Gaze Up At The Stars
To Find Her Birthed Here On Earth
A True Product Of The Heavens
A True Product Of Perfection

She Was Born Upon A Day
Aligned With The Moon
A Celestial Body Tread Forth Upon By Man
11 Years Prior To The Day To Astonish

Fore Man To Spend Their Lives
In Wait To Reach The Stars
To Find One Here Born On This Earth
A Decade And A Year Thenceforward

A Leap Year Past Toward A Leap Of Time Back
To This Very Day Of Grandeur
Man First Stepped Forth Upon The Moon
Her Very Birth Was Much Grander

A Symphonic Comfort

Strumming His Knuckle Along Her Spine
A Xylophone Of Vertebrae
A Play Of Music Of Quiet-Silence
Punctuated By Moan And Heavy Panting
A Sensory Of Flesh To Flesh Contact
When Goose Fleshed To The Touch
An Overload Of Pleasure In Two
A Symphony Of Comfort In 9 Lines Of Measure
Made Whole When Giving Comfort...To Each Other

The Right Of Way

When Day Of Blackest Sheen
Eclipse The Mind Of White Rose
Sublime Purity In Spirit-Body
The Right Of Way To Love
A Vixen Of Day, A Virgin By Night

Sun Setting Golden Rays
Upon Roses That Never Smell
As Still Life Brings Alive The Night
No Sunshine, Just Sunrise
To Night Felt Day-Glow-Dark

Above Par Genre Love

I Am The Broken Of Heart
A Severance Of Peace
On The Mend Of A Wing
Set To Fly Away In Piece
To Soar Above The Cloud
Of A Whole Eternity
Of A Life To Resolve
Of The Present Reactionary

All Alone Discovers Peace
To A Past That Once Changed
A Man When Ever-Boy
Daring Progeny No More
This Comfort Knows No Heal
A Stay Of Shackled Agony
Bound To Search All For Solace
Treasure Life When In Love

In Having To Nurture
The Greatest Of Love
As Hearts' Union Beat
The Happiest Of Moment
Unequaled When Couple
A Whole Felt As LOVE
A Momentous Culmination
For All Afar And Above

No Matter The Couple
The Best Tempest Is All Calm
An Occasion To Romance
Buffer Zone Set To Storm
When Wedlock Couples Two
The Greatest Of Love
A Refined Substance Abuse
No Thought To Uproar

In Dreams En Route To Stars

Let Your Dreams Fuel The Stars
To Light The Night To Peace.
The Peace That Comes With Heart
Of Mind En Route To Dreams.
When Dreamt Thereof A Night
To Comfort A Mind To Rest
When Rest Thereof A Life
In Peace Of Mind To Heart
As Hearts Coalesce As One
When Two Of Hearts To Love
A Peace Sought To Love
An Innocence Felt In Heart
In Heart Of My Virtue.
Of Virtue Divined Of Love
In Peace As Two Unite When One
Fore There To Be A Peace
To Rest The Mind For Love
In Dreams En Route To Stars
As Heart Of Virtue Dreams Of Girl
Seen As Whole Image Of You

I Am THE Lovelorn In Wait

You Ever Get A Message
That Came To You Like A Dream
That You Were Afraid To Read
But As Long As There Was Time
In Hesitancy And Pause To Reflect
In Wait To Read Something Left Unsaid
It Could Be The Best News In The World
In Wait To Read Something Left Unread
This Was That Message In Wait
Not Bad News And Not Good News
Just Another End In Terms Of The Lovelorn

Cobblestone Road

I Am Astray Of All Romance
In Being Alone And Morose
When My Eye Is For Another
My Will Remains A Hollow Empty
As My Eye Forever Stays Hope

This Romantic Discord Is Dissonant
When Comes A Harmony In Her
Into A Cool Collected Calm
I Best Be Wise To Look Away
Or Risk Being Smitten

I Offered Her Apart Of Me
For Her To Live A Longer Love
But In Recovery... Over Joyed
My Offer Forever Stands Open
To See Her One As Family

A Small Stone Rounded Home
By The Flow Of Open Water
A Large Pebble Bound
With Mortar And Moon Glow
When I Have Found No Other

This Retreat Of All Glaciers
To A Heart As Forelorn
In Being Alone And Morose
From Stream Beds Touching Ground
That Paved Streets Of Cobblestone

Many Are There To Corrupt
This Mental Aural Storm
A Stay Of Course When Alone
Determined To Make It Through
To Emerge A Better Person

In Admirable Sacrifice Of Love
In Loving Care Of Soul With Body
A Lilt Of Voice To Soothe
As Eyes Entrance Me Still
As Cobblestone Road

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