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Love Lyrics - Poem by Don Wendorf

by Don Wendorf, Psy.D.; LMFT

Oh, your love would place me welded to your waist, in some syrupy symbiosis.
You say your blood runs high, ‘cause I’m your “Sweetie-pie” in your sugary psychosis.
Oh, you offer to, box a kangaroo,
Give the stars and moon, croon a lover’s tune,
Walk into a fire, to prove your heart’s desire,
Give me all your money, if I’ll be your “Honey, ”
Yeah, you say you’ll climb the highest mountain, swim the deepest ocean.
But, Baby, that ain’t love to me, that’s just emotion.

Well, you said to trust, that it was love, not lust, at the beach down by the sea.
You tried to turn my head, get me in your bed, you beseeched me tenderly.
Yeah, you found me cute, in my bathing suit,
Looking buff and tanned, cooking on the sand,
But your love looked fishy, kinda’ washy-wishy,
I began to doubt, as the tide creeped out.
If I was just desired ‘cause your hormones fired, smearing on my suntan lotion,
Then, Baby, that ain’t love to me, that’s just emotion.

Now when you’re sad or mad ‘cause I’ve acted bad, been mean or idiotic,
Will your love stay true, stick through and through, or just be episodic?
Will you show respect or try to wring my neck,
Still be kind and caring, giving, sharing,
Will you talk things out, or just cuss and shout,
Will you hear my side, or wallow in your pride?
When you’re hurt or scared and your temper’s flared, will you dropp your old devotion?
‘Cause Baby, that ain’t love to me, that’s just emotion.

Will your love grow cold, as we both grow old, no longer strong and mighty?
Will you feel all icky, if I’m weak or sicky, if I’m gray and cellulitey?
Will you still turn on, though our youth has gone,
Love my wrinkly fat, or turn tail and scat,
Let your love light pale, ‘cause my body’s frail,
Or take care of me, treat me tenderly?
“Grow old with me, the best is yet to be, ” as we still drink love’s sweet potion,
‘Cause Baby, that’s real love to me, not just emotion,
Yeah, Baby, that’s real love to me, not just emotion.

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