Love Me No More Poem by Nadia Gray

Love Me No More

Lovers come and lovers go.
But you stayed here with me.
You made me think that I was safe.
My heart belonged to thee.

Cold winter nights entwined in your arms.
Dim spring mornings feeling your touch.
Lazy summer days spent by the pool.
Sitting side by side in autumn's dusk.

Just two close friends,
who were in love.
Just one short day,
it took to end it all.

You left without a word.
And right here I waited.
Years went by and still no sign.
I felt so alienated.

I'm over you now, but still I cry.
You made me wait too long.
I'm over you now, but still I try.
To make you see where you did me wrong.

I see you now, with those other girls.
My heart still feels that pain.
My stomach is sick.
I feel like I am dying.
My love for you was in vain.

I'm at the edge now.
I'm nearing my end.
For no one is left here.
Not in which I can depend.

Yet I find myself aproaching you.
I dont know what I did expect.
And I looked to you, said your name.
But it might as well have been another dialect.

You looked into my tearful eyes.
But only for a moment.
I didn't matter any more.
Who knows what those years meant?

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