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Can I be your vampire,
Your beauty with nails blood red?
Can I be your lover,
The woman who shares your bed?

Among my dreams I'd never imagined an angel sitting by my side
Within my heart I had never heard
The words which still reside

Dig my nails into your pretty neck

Let vermillion waters flow

Ripping bloody lips of life

Eternal bliss shall soon ignite.

Blood drips down neon glass.
Synthetic screams...

Promises gone unravished

I'm sorry that I can speak
Of things you don't understand.
I'm sorry I asked you nicely,
Rather than yelling a command.

You're no vampire
Though for you I bleed.
For many of these years, against you, I did fend.

Judgment day arrives now.
Ageless children do fend
Bloodshed seen by no one
Armies of dead, hostage

I look back and realize this:
Perhaps I did you wrong...
Perhaps I had crossed the line...
Perhaps I'd come on too strong.

I was your beautiful sweet angel, so why did you break my heart?
I was your beauty in black, so why did you rip me apart?

A promise is made
A Child is saved.
A right is turned
To Wrong.

Im so sick of all these lies and promises you hold
Im so tired of all these pretty bodies to be sold
Im so ashamed of what my body has to feel
Dont feel like being compared to what isn't real.

I am your angel with broken wings....
I am your angel who seldom sings...
of a time that things were well...
those times before she fell

I know you're here.
Don't try to hide it.
I can hear your breath, your cries...

Lovers come and lovers go.
But you stayed here with me.
You made me think that I was safe.
My heart belonged to thee.

I'll forever exist,
forever thrive,
forever kill,
forever die...

When you look into my eyes, would you believe I cried at night?
When you see me walk the halls, do you take the time to see if I'm all right?

Often you answer no, because in your eyes, I am just there.

So far away, across the land,
A forbidden love I did create.
To young, pure souls, had fallen in love.
Though the distance was much too great.

A candle-lit room with black decor...
Footsteps over a dusty floor...
Howling winds strike here and there.
Tension fills this musty air.

Would you rather harm me to make you feel right?
Does it seem right to cause me to cry at night?
How could you lie to my face for a single smile?
We both know it only lasts a little while.

Nadia Gray Biography

Do not judge me by my age, For it states only a number. Do not judge me by my heritage, For it only describes my skin. Only judge me for my writing Because without it I think I'd die. Only judge me for what you know, Because within it is where my heart does lie. <3 Nadia)

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The Sacrifice

Can I be your vampire,
Your beauty with nails blood red?
Can I be your lover,
The woman who shares your bed?
Can I be your princess,
Forever watched by your light eyes?
Can I be with you
And stop hearing your lies?

Can our hearts beat close
In a soft embrace?
Would you pull away
If I were to stroke your face?
Is there a reason
Your heart calls out to mine?
Why couldn't I see it
Til out worlds could intertwine?

I promised myself
I wouldnt fall for you.
A fool I am
With a heart broke in two.
Your simple kind words,
That look in your eye,
Only now do I realize
Without you I would die.

Though now is not our time
Allow me to say
That we shall not perish
In my heart you will stay.
My darling, immortal prince
With my blood, I shall pay.
Forevermore my love,
In my heart you will always stay....

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Nadia O.Z 18 January 2006

Your poems are really good, I can tell they mean a lot, hope to read more

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