No More. Poem by Nadia Gray

No More.

Would you rather harm me to make you feel right?
Does it seem right to cause me to cry at night?
How could you lie to my face for a single smile?
We both know it only lasts a little while.

In my heart I know its true.
All thats in vain is my love for you.
You loved me once.
You say you still do.
But love isn't what you say.
Nor is is what you do.

They're just not real, another painful lie.
The beauty you claim I was will soon die.
I'm not strong, like you said I am.
You can't hold onto me just because you can.

Figure out what you feel, for my love is true.
I'm sick and tired of shedding tears for you.
You promised me your life, your support, your love.
But I will not believe that when 'tis 'her' you speak of.

T'was not her who wiped your tears.
T'was not her who calmed your fears.
T'was I who devoted my love to thee.
Yet 'tis her whom you love, her, not me.

A fool I am to have given you my heart.
I will continue to let you rip it apart.
I will move on, but without further ado.
But I will secretly hold on, because I still love you.

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