Love, The Definition Poem by Alison Mujati

Love, The Definition

Clarified as crush when left unsaid
A harvest within the imagination
Hallucination is the correct expression.

This emotion is beyond grade
Peers beneath of race or impression
It befits both the poor and the rich.

One day may never come
Dreams spurt smoothly
May never be put to air.

It's a sickness
Anxiety that kills folks silently
Fake Cinderella's story

For word said
Pouring depths of the heart through the mouth.
Two ways to expect it all.

First a complete turndown
Love as a single-sided shoe
Wear it at your peril

Secondly, love becomes reciprocal
The exact way why the world fill with two
Doves and pigeons as a proper way.

Love builds homes
Marriages of age
People always thrive under its branches.

The day love ends breaks a heart.
Sometimes agreements don't seem to match
The unfortunate transpires.

As burning flames begin to fade.
Building memories of skyscrapers
Suffice to summon emergence worries
Who forget moments of their life.

Love is the seed
A plain grain never germinating
Keep it the same and will forever be a seed

Love is an ocean
A wonderful tide which everyone wants a glimpse of.

Love is torture
The day it ends it breaks hearts
Who forgets the once blossoming day of life

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