Love, What Does Love Mean? Poem by Deanna Samuels

Love, What Does Love Mean?

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Love, what does love mean?
Love means everything
Love means everything in life
Love means respect for all without strife
Without love, a void would be felt within each heart
Each heart would breathe but miss a beat
Love is a feeling that it holds for humankind
That not one being is left behind
Love is a bond between mother and baby
A bond so strong, there is no room for maybe
The love of a child is a lifetime of glory
Their wonder and wide eyes when reading a bedtime story
Those days will stay for the whole of their lives
Of the love that was given without reserve
Love is being there when there is a need
A stranger, a friend, a family, to help and to heed
Love is to be strong and take the strain
When those dear and near are in so much pain
Love is for someone you hold so dear
Every moment of every day, want them so near
Love is for one's country and the loyalty to proudly hold
The refuge it gives to live in peace is worth more than gold
Love means forgiving, forgiving of an unkind word
Perhaps said in anger, without thought, feigning unheard
Love is going beyond the call of everyday duty
Giving aid and comfort from a disaster of fury
Love is for helping the sick and the needy
For those living alone without care and so feebly
Love is also for a pet that is loyal and true
Returning its love, showing it is loved too
Love is for the freshness of the countryside
Walking, breathing in fresh air it abundantly provides
A heart full of love is a heart full of goodness
Spreading that blessing with hope when there is distress
A life filled with such love will fulfill all dreams
Love - these are a few of what true love means

Written at Richmond Hill, Ontario - 13th November 2018

Wednesday, December 5, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: love,love and life
Jennifer Birchall 05 December 2018

A beautiful poem of love, thank you for sharing Deanna

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Deanna Samuels

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