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Lovers King Bed - Poem by A Dark Lifetime ...

Goodnight and kiss them to sleep
All your friends in love so deep
But where are your love my dear
Why that fear?


He dissapeard long time ago
After that all I say is no
I rather be alone than love again
I don't want to be hurt in the end
Why suffer for a devil
Thats my will
And I wont look in the eyes
Of the one who open the hearts cries
I will never again fall for that
Die alone black cat
Die alone


They are all sleeping in those king beds
Place for two but where do you rest your head
On lonely pillow on your own
In your single bed you rest all alone...


I do feel my heart wants a heat
Someone to get my heart beat
Faster and rougher desire for a love
That is sent from dreams of above
But when the sun is out I feel okay
When the night falls down I cry for that day
I will never heal the scars in my heart for real
I am afraid of what I might feel
I don't wont to fall for that again
Die alone in the end
Die alone...


They are all loving, hugging in a king bed
Im only a half waiting for the prince with a rose so red
On a lonely pillow I sleep and cry
In my single bed Im left to die...

Waiting for someone to hold my hand..
In a king bed..

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Poem Submitted: Monday, August 27, 2012

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