Evey Vendetta

Loves Hell - Poem by Evey Vendetta

I say I love you,
You say sigh,
With that my love,
You leave me wondering, why? ,
This is what makes me want to cry,

I hold back the feeling and hide it away,
Because crying is a weakness as I heard someone say,
So for that matter I suck up the tears and go on with my day,

Our terms and views are so different,
Do they make things happy for us?
I'd say that's quite sufficient,
But still there are times when I feel indifferent,

There are so many things I wish to say at times,
But I hold them back for I feel to say it is a crime,
I delete what I was going to write,
Replace it with words that compared to before are only half right,

The things I was to say,
Were meant to brighten your day,
Like the sunshine coming out on a dark cold rainy day,
You're perfectly amazing in every way,
I just want so bad to tell you these things day to day,

The way you see yourself is so untrue,
I wish you could see yourself the way that I do,
But at the same time I am just like you,
I see myself being not all that great too,
You remind me over and over that this is not true,
You tell me I'm beautiful and sexy no matter what I do,
So I shall do the same for you,
And tell you that you're wonderful and charming at everything YOU do,
Once more I will say baby I love you,

I used to say goodnight I love you,
Now I'll say just goodnight to you,
I love you is over rated now,
I still don't get how,
But whatever it is its done and over now,

I have decided ill continue on as I always do,
And keep on living every day being head over heels for you,
The complicated challenge I get from being with you,
Is oddly enough one of the things I cherish the most from you,

It keeps me going,
Keeps me strong,
Keeps me from doing shit all wrong,

Gives me hope,
Gives me fear,
Gives me even a slight tear,

But all in all it's what I love,
Never have I found something,
That I'm so fond of,

Yes there are a few things id change,
Like I wish you didn't do heroin,
I wish I matter to you as much as drugs do,
I wish that I could be your heroin,

The distance brings us to a all new issue,
It tends to mess with our minds,
Mostly mine,
It sometimes gets me wondering that some things you say aren't true,
But then you claim that they are and I believe in you,

Please don't think I'm trying to change myself for you,
The person I am now as you know is not the same as when I first met you,
I learned to show my true colors all because of you,

Zeke Nicolie Ofthelost
My true love forever and always

Poet's Notes about The Poem

this was written about me n my bf during a difficult period in our relshinship we have since sorted things out

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, January 31, 2013

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