Maha Nanda Sharma (1924-) As A Poet Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

Maha Nanda Sharma (1924-) As A Poet

Maha Nanda Sharma who used to teach in a college
In Bulandshar
Before moving to Meerut University
Did his Ph.D. on P.G.Wodehouse
And was a poet
Of some epical length and line,
Going by Milton and Aurobindo
And deriving from Paradise Lost and Savitri,
Whatever be our appraisal of his,
If epics not strictly then epic fragments.

A writer of The Pageant of Seasons (1956) ,
Flowers and Buds (1984) ,
A Rudraksha Rosary & Other Poems (1987) ,
Scattered Leaves (1991) , A Spiritual Warrior (1991) ,
Divine Glimpses (1996) , Gushing Streams (1996) ,
Flowering of a Lotus (1998) , Autumn Strains (2004) ,
Is but a conventionalist and a traditionalist
As he follows the old patterns of writing
And rhymes too laboriously.

Something is therein
And something is missing,
A writer of narratives and epical formats,
Something he achieves and something fails to,
A writer drawing from the Mahabharata,
Epical heroes and characters
To endow with and to lengthen,
Something he plans to finish
And something it remains incomplete and undone.

A votary of Lord Shiva, seeking blessings from
As for the Shiva cycle of stories,
More especially, Sati’s
And here there lies the beauty of his poetry
In re-narrating the story,
Engaging us,
Again he takes up Bhisma’s vow
To employ in.

A poet scriptural and Sanskritic, he draws from
Kalidas, Milton and Aurobindo,
Instead of his successes and failures,
Trying to contribute and develop,
Enrich the domains of Indian poesy
With his readings and borrowings and loan words.

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