Bijay Kant Dubey

Maharshi Aurobindo's The Life Divine: A Landmark Vision, A Metaphysical Text & Document Of Supra Mind And Consciousness - Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

A supreme work of a supreme mind,
The Life Divine by Sri Auroibindo,
A philosophical text and document;
A prose treatise
Where the minds of the yogi and the sadhaka
Meet to entwine religion with spirituality,
Theology with metaphysics, cosmology with transcendental vision.

The spiritual evolution of man, of consciousness in matter,
The ascent towards the Supermind, the realization of the self,
The position of man in the universe,
The things which the philosopher takes to as for discussion.

The Life Divine as a testament of Indian philosophy,
Religion, spirituality; metaphysics, cosmology and theology
One of a larger spectrum and dimension
Inculcating the things of a supra state of consciousness.

Picturesque of a mind in sadhna or yogic meditation,
Rising and rising, riding the steps of ascension,
Delving in the terminology of
Mind, Matter, Consciousness, State,
Purusha, Prakriti, Maya, Brahma and so on.

Life is but a realization; a self-realization,
What it is quintessential is Cosmic Delight; Divine Ananda,
How to get it?
God is but Sat, Chit, Ananda, Satchidananda.

Published in 1939-40, the work went revisions and editions,
The essays saw the light long before its publication
In a serialized form in the Arya
Wherefrom these have been brought and added to.

Life Mundane not, Life Celestial the thing of,
The Mind in Matter and the Matter in Mind,
The Soul, the Oversoul, the Mind, the Overmind,
Continue to engage him and he goes on exploring
The things of consciousness.

The yogic states transcend the barriers to endow him,
A yogi and a sadhaka,
Aurobindo takes the yogic flights
To dwell and delve upon the supra states
Of meditative realms and domains
Of the hidden speculation of the contemplative order.

Whatever one says about, it is Vedanto-Upanishadic in reality,
Without doing sadhna, one cannot attain
The heights envisaged and everything but is sadhna,
Without striving to perfect or seeking to fulfill,
One cannot accomplish a greater job and success lies
It in one's trial for attainment.

A book of Integral Yoga, it explains the things
Of the world, man, mind, matter and spirit
As per consciousness felt within and experienced.

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