Kathleen Reguindin

Make Every Day Earth Day - Poem by Kathleen Reguindin

The air that we breathe is no longer clean and pure
Contaminated by toxic fumes and chemicals that vehicles and factories spew
Oceans of the earth dumping grounds for man's waste
Slowly releasing poisons into waters where live creatures of the sea.

In many parts of the earth, where once stood majestic forests
Many of them gone, razed to the ground.
And in their stead now mushroom buildings and houses …
Our concrete jungles.

Corporate greed, material wealth, profits and businesses
Ravaging our earth in the name of progress!
Are we all blind to what is slowly happening?
Our beloved Mother Earth from man's arrogance and defiance slowly choking.

From the floors of the sea to our atmosphere
Filling up with poisons, its impact on life so severe
Stop the senseless and wanton destruction
Can't we see what we are doing?

The trails that I hike on the Niagara Escarpment
Many are littered with junk and plastic... man's refuse
So carelessly thrown, with no regard for nature's beauty
Rage fills me with man's deportment
It wrenches my heart to see nature being abused!

Earth … the only planet that we know and have
Let's join hands to protect it
Future generations of man should enjoy it.
Every living creature that needs it to survive.
The birds of the air, the fish in the sea
The trees and plants and animals, we should let them be.

Love earth, protect our environment
Let's find ways, no matter how small, to nurture and respect it.
Live responsibly and in our own homes and communities
Be an earth activist, a change catalyst.

Fight for Mother Earth, stop abusing her!
For without her, where will be Man's future!


Poet's Notes about The Poem

The inspiration (as well as the sadness) I had for writing this poem came from a short film about an island inhabited by birds. Birds dying as a result of plastic items they've consumed. Heart-wrenching film!

Each year, civilizations celebrate Earth Hour. I believe each and every minute of our lives should be dedicated to preserving Earth for our children and our children's children.

If anyone is interested, watch www.midwayfilm.com

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