Kathleen Reguindin

Life's Garden Of Friends - Poem by Kathleen Reguindin

Dawn has broken and morning’s arrived
Here comes the sun, its warmth starts infusing me with life
As I lie on my bed, still enjoying its softness.
It’s time to get up and go about my business!

Through the curtained windows I peek and see my garden
I venture outside and am greeted by its beauty!
I see the pine trees gently swaying
I feel the gentle breeze caressing my skin
And flowers filled with life, every one blooming
Another season is here, oh joyous Spring!
The birds are singing as they herald a new day
Surrounded by nature, I feel so blessed and, oh, more than okay!

The roses and lilacs, the gardenias and lilies of the valley
Their vibrant, bright colours spreading joy to people
Their fragrance giving joy and renewed vitality!
Just like true friends who lighten up our lives, creatures of positive energy
They give substance and meaning to existence on earth!

Tulips, hyacinths and daffodils, petals bursting forth from the ground
Pretty soon, their sweet scent will gradually fill my senses
To me their growth represents new acquaintances to be found
And over time, maybe a deeper relationship may commence.

The trees in my backyard through the years have taken root in the ground
And despite strong winds and nature’s fury, they hold firmly.
Through turmoil and happiness, and life’s ups and downs
Just like genuine friends who are there for you and will never let you drown.

And many a times, weeds have popped up in my garden
I fret not because I am the keeper and the warden
True, they can take over, invade and can become a nuisance
Unwanted in my garden, I will not allow them to grow on my grounds
And methodically, I pry them out of the earth, roots and all
Hoping they won't come come back, grow nevermore!

And just like people that drain my energy
Whiners and complainers, cynics, and critics
Never seeing the beauty of life and existence
Resentment and anger built up, boiling in their system
They could drag me down if I don’t get rid of them.
Negative energy just like unwanted dirt and dust on my body
In my life they should never be and it’s all up to me
I don’t want to keep them, and from my life, I cut them off fast!

In the course of my day, life happens as I go through my business
Work, traffic, errands, chores and conflicts.
At day's end, when I need to re-energize and re-balance
All I need to do is visit my life’s garden.
In here I am surrounded by beauty, peace and serenity
And in the stillness, I remember friendships so profound
These relationships bring comfort, heartwarming all around.

Observe the bees and insects and hummingbirds in your garden
Watch them drift from bloom to bloom and spread the pollens
Their function is important for they cause life to start again.

In real life, they are regular people you meet day to day
Who may introduce you to new folks, in some way
Folks, over time, who may become good friends.
Just like the flowers in my garden abound.
Nurture true friendships, and like our plants, water and cultivate them
For they give meaning and depth to our lives!

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I was inspired to write this poem after a weekend getaway in a beautiful bed & breakfast up in Collingwood, Ontario. Although the gardens that surrounded the warm and lovely house had yet to come out of dormancy, I imagined them to be in full bloom, tended by the loving and caring hands of their keeper, Carol, a beautiful spirit, a friendly soul.

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