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Kathleen Reguindin Poems

1. On Writing Poems 3/29/2013
2. Life's Garden Of Friends 4/1/2013
3. The Sailor 4/2/2013
4. To Papa And Mama 4/3/2013
5. My Love Affair With Nature 4/3/2013
6. The Pains And Banes Of Growing Old 4/5/2013
7. Soulmate 4/8/2013
8. Wanderlust 4/8/2013
9. Oh Joyous Spring! 4/26/2013
10. November Blues And Blahs 7/5/2013
11. Cauldron Of Life 9/6/2013
12. Boo! 9/9/2013
13. No More, Please! 9/25/2013
14. Mountain To God 9/29/2013
15. To Live Or Not To Live (Diamante) 10/3/2013
16. Life Ideally (Diamante) 10/8/2013
17. Walking Meditation In The Woods 10/8/2013
18. From His Deathbed 11/28/2013
19. Nature's Voices 6/11/2014
20. Sailing The Seas Of Life 2/2/2015
21. The Beautiful Monarch 4/25/2016
22. Blessings 9/27/2013
23. Make Every Day Earth Day 3/26/2013
24. A Love Note To My Daughters 3/27/2013
25. Spring Has Sprung! 4/16/2013
26. Life Is But A Fragile Dream 9/2/2015
27. A Train Ride 4/10/2013
28. Sunrise Walk 8/20/2013
29. Dawn At Lake Erie 7/11/2013

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Dawn At Lake Erie

Scanning the horizon
I see the sun peeking out from the east
Slowly making an appearance.
In multi-coloured splendor
Her celestial shrouds with tints of pink and orange
Paint up the sky, her beautiful canvas.

The lake softly whispers to me
Clouds of mist rising a few inches above her
The wind subtly blows her a kiss
And touches her with an airy caress.
I see gentle ripples forming on the water
As if nudging her, “Wake up from your sleep, it's a new day”.

Overhead, a flurry of activity among gulls and terns
Without flapping their wings
Allow the...

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Life's Garden Of Friends

Dawn has broken and morning’s arrived
Here comes the sun, its warmth starts infusing me with life
As I lie on my bed, still enjoying its softness.
It’s time to get up and go about my business!

Through the curtained windows I peek and see my garden
I venture outside and am greeted by its beauty!
I see the pine trees gently swaying
I feel the gentle breeze caressing my skin

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