Marrying The Unforbidden Words Poem by clawdea benat

Marrying The Unforbidden Words

Roses. An old woman i know has given me her roses she is selling.
And i was emotionally crying, my tears came out w/out telling.
That day suddenly i remembered something inspiring my friend nd my mentor.
Though even if it is all in the head. Still i am not bliss but blessed by the creator.
Rip my shirt, cut my chest, take my heart, burn my feet but my shoes first.
I had learned a lot from my grave mistakes, these pain i have been cursed.

But i love you, i love you i only doesnt love my life. I love you, i love you.
I hear my cry out. Take me away with you. I'll go, yes i will go. I will go to myworld.
I love you, i love you but i do not love myself. Do not love me, i do not deserve to be love. I deserve to be punished from all of my mistakes.
Here cut my wrists. I left my Seiko watch, it's worth a hundred box.

Here, my hands. I did not say to take it away from me. Here, here in my hands an old coins from 1972 take it and keep it for it is too valuable to re-sell them as soon as possible.
And he gave me the right amount.
I love you, i love you. Finally, i canbuy my medecines.

Friday, February 26, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: homelessness
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