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I pay the dime that you spit
having me misunderstood for a long time
left out in the dark
while you are in the light

Oh Hell Thee, Praise You Highest Preacher On Earth

i signaled my men
come come you're weary eye
wipe that tears from your hands
the storm will came, all the devils will die

A Story Of A Thousand Hopes

Reminiscing every heart of peace
I want to get back to that old clock
Has something strange that oranges can
Its just perceptions of a happy life

Dont We Give Up

I see now the reality
we just don't own the weight of this world
live up and just be happy

Get Up, Try And Run

I rarely come out from my closet
Would it took this far that it would heated?
My eyes were already crippled
Taken and unknown creatures has been living in here

These Is The End To Settle Us?

Is this or is this my last? I am hungry, hungry of an clear answer.
fate-where could i find my fate. Aha! Maybe it was already on an island and its waiting for me.
lastly but not just so sure.
Yes, we are but we àre not either.

Stay Inside Of Me

lift my head up to the sky
closing my eyes
rushing this question for an answer
veins keep still as blood flow vigorously

Silent Hill

The silence of the wind
the moving head of the chicken
hungry of the dog
in my grandpas's home

Melody Of A Throat

Strangers on the east
Came from not the least
Stood a lightning thunder,
I sit in under

Shameless, Filthy Rich

Do you know what will be?
being easy to talk with me
saying things, assuming things
always a curiosity cat

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