Mary - Kywn Townsend Riley Poem by Tory Roads

Mary - Kywn Townsend Riley

I wonder if Mary even wanted to give

birth to Jesus

if asked would she have said yes to become undressed of skin

clothes in Chapel

a flesh sacrifice

she birthed God's child but God gets all

the credit

she gets all the trauma of

never been called mother

only bother.

people forget that Jesus was her son and

then their Savior

but that is the only way

people seem to remember a black girls

murder is as a sacrifice


a revelation

That even in death black

people are still contributing to better


the mother in me wants to know

why do we tell Mary not to weep

how dare

we tell a woman she's not warned her son

or even question her purpose

does Mary

the first example of a woman being used

for a greater purpose.

am I supposed to

be happy that I was selected to be

angel and not alive no my son was not


Would've left me whole, to pass away like a human, would've given her peace like, and prayers, would've given her body back to God.

They didn't give our bodies back to God.

They took em'

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