Matryoshka - All Poems-Labyrinth

Loneliness has become my shadow
Who enjoy nothing
Who can be happy with nothing
I'm a weird crazy

This bullshit feeling that surrounds me
The thought that everything is empty
My happiness that was not born yet
Killed me before I was born
And even if it is born now
Will be stillborn..

I've been running from people for years
Full of doubt
Not even one "sure"
I am bored.

Old songs...
And to knowledge and to write
Never believing - but lovingly
Or less bored
Who spends time in a big emptiness
I'm a little biological species.

Which upper mind
Mindless game this?
The puzzle in a newspaper full of riddles
trying to solve
And now he's bored with him
And naked without faith
Drunk down the soul
Drenched in grief
And has already surrendered
I am someone
Who does not know what to run...

This world is with asylums
And full of madmen!
This world with prisons
Full of perverted thugs!
This world is with cemeteries
And full of pain!
Why would I love this world?

All classes oppressed and exploited
Scam! !
Do I count more?
Which upper mind
Is this his work?

Oh little girl
Stay away from me what will you be
What do you see I'm filled with
I can't love you
I can't say sweet and sweet words to you
I can't hold your hand
With someone about to collapse
This is the desire to build a nest...

That I'm collapsing from the foundation now
My soul knows the taste of many pain
My mind is about to throw up
Do you understand?

I think I am sleepy
My eyes are like a fake socialist
Capital is about to be defeated by the imperials
Sleep - awake sleep
And yes imperialism wins
I fall asleep
While putting my last points in place...

This cold wind
This strange place I've been
Living and inanimate things that I feel around me
And enough to cry
Even a loss so crazy
A fear
Really horrible
They surround me
A fire unseen in hell
Surrounds my mind

I'm starting to run
To run
The further I get closer
Then I wake up breathless
Another interesting tragedy begins
Asleep - who feels awake
But actually sleeping in a unique sleep
Of a tragicomic legend
I'm turning into a boy

This is the maze
Poisonous and no exit
Maybe I'm not someone who's looking for his way through the maze
I myself am that venomous maze!

Topic(s) of this poem: life

Poem Submitted: Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Form: Prose Poem

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