On Alone

-You said I was living all alone?

- Yes, I said so.

- You mean you were alone?

- Yes, I meant that.

- Do you know what it means to be alone?

- Yes, I know.

- What is it, can you tell me?

- Yes, I'll tell you.

"To be alone is to be alone, to have no one. It is to live alone. Only people have their own worlds within them. Some are just there. Whether they are real or not...

- This is not the loneliness you are talking about, whether it is real or imaginary, there is still someone in your life or the world you are talking about.

- So what do you think loneliness is?

- "Loneliness is that man lacks even himself. A heart in his chest, He cannot find a soul in it. In his dreams, neither the universe exists nor a world of his own. Even the void is nothing, nothing is empty for him. It is not enough that he has no one, he must ignore himself.", forgetting his own voice, not remembering himself, not feeling anything. Loneliness is not a simple thing that is common to everyone... "

- So I'm not alone?

- I think you are not.

- Are you alone?

- Since I'm talking to you, I'm not alone.

- Well, are there a few examples that you can give me as an example, these people are lonely?

- Of course there is. Unborn people are one, stillborn people are two.

- Isn't there any lone alive?

- There are many people who think of themselves alone in life, but most of them actually think that loneliness is one person. It is loneliness, numbness, silence, soulless. But if we come to the problem, of course there are only people in life.

- For example, I wondered?

- They're the ones who lost their bond. But they are half alone.

- How so, can you open it a little bit?

- Of course. What makes people live? What still breathes people? Isn't it love? I'm not talking about temporary love that comes and goes, whether painful or painless. From the cradle to the grave, from the womb to the soil, I am talking about the love that never breaks, the love of the mother. The love felt will never break, even if it is death. So what happens then? Half loneliness. In other words, there are such bonds of love in life that we cannot think of, this is a bond established by both the mother and the child. So if the mother dies, the son, if the son dies, the mother is half lonely. They are always unresponsive, dead, nothing until they die. It is a sea of ​​tears, there are screaming winds, a little bit of madness. It is half loneliness after all. If you say lonely, I haven't seen it yet.

- Why is he half alone? So why isn't it complete?

- Half a man is the universe, half is a mother, therefore. Because the human continues to live halfway, the other half, the universe is still and always still because it is in place. The universe is all our loved ones at the same time.

- Okay, all you said about loneliness, I would like to ask something else. For example, what is happiness, peace, meaning? Who is that, who is not?

- I guess I'll have to write a thousand-page book to answer that. And I don't have time, should I reply another time?

- It will.


My sea of ​​thought flows into my dream world
My dreams interfere with thoughts
Photosynthesis is happening in my brain
It falls into the sky and falls from the sky.

Food chain vicious circle
Every creature's direction is my mind
Material and spiritual
The beginning and end of every creature.

As i understand
Did you understand that?

The strangest, the loneliest, the saddest;
Immortal Stars!

Topic(s) of this poem: alone

Poem Submitted: Monday, August 31, 2020

Form: Prose Poem

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