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Matthew Chapter Twenty-Two

Poem by Day Williams

1 Then Jesus spoke in parables to them
Again to show what Heaven's Kingdom's like.
2 "It's like a king who had prepared a wedding

Jubilee for his son,3 and sent his servants
To those who'd been invited to the banquet
To summon them, but they refused to come,

4 Then he sent some more servants, telling them,
‘Tell those who've been invited I've prepared
My wedding-supper, and my oxen and

My fattened cattle have been butchered; all
Is ready. Hurry to the wedding banquet, '
5 But they paid no attention and went off−

One to his field, another to his store.
6 The rest beat up his messengers, treated them
Disgracefully and killed them.7 When the king

Heard of this, he was furious and sent
His army and destroyed those murderers
And burned their city,8 then he told his servants,

‘The wedding banquet's ready, but those I
Invited don't deserve the honor.9 Go
To the street corners and invite all you

See to the banquet, ' 10 so the servants went
Out to the streets and gathered all the people
That they could find, both good and bad, so that

The wedding hall was filled with guests,11 but when
The king came in to see the guests, he saw
A man who was not wearing wedding clothes.

12 ‘Friend, ' he asked him, ‘how did you get in here
Without a wedding robe? ' The man had no
Reply.13 The king then told his ushers, ‘Tie

Him hand and foot, and throw him outside in
The darkness, where there will be weeping and
Gnashing of teeth, ' 14 for many are invited,

But few are chosen, " 15 then the Pharisees
Went out and planned to trap him in his words.
16 They sent their followers to him along

With the Herodians to ask him this,
"Teacher, we know you are an honest man
Who faithfully instructs about the way

Of God according to the truth. You are
Not swayed by men, because you pay no heed
To who they are,17 so tell us, is it right

To pay Caesar taxes or not? " 18 But Jesus,
Knowing their evil purpose, said to them,
"You hypocrites, why try this trick on me?

19 Show me the coin you use to pay the tax."
They brought him a denarius, and he
Asked them, "Whose picture's stamped on it?
Whose name?

21 "Caesar's, " they answered.22 He told them, "Then give
To Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God
That which is God's." 23 When they heard this, they were

Amazed, so they left him and went away.
That very day the Sadducees, who say
There is no resurrection, came 24 and asked

Him, "Teacher, Moses taught if a man dies
Childless, his brother must get married to
His widow and raise up a family

For him.25 Now seven brothers were with us.
The first one married and he died, and since
He had no family, he left his wife

Unto his brother.26 With the second and
The third, the same thing happened, right on down
Until the seventh,27 and at last, the woman

Died,28 so then, at the resurrection, whose
Wife will she be out of the seven, since
She'd been the wife of each of them? " 29 "You are

In error, " Jesus answered, "for you are
Ignorant of the Scriptures and God's power,
30 For at the resurrection people will

Not marry nor will they be given in
Marriage; they'll be like heaven's angels,31 but
About the resurrection of the dead−

Have you not read what God Himself told you,
32 ‘I am the God of Abraham, the God
Of Isaac, and the God of Jacob'? He

Is not the God of dead but living men! "
33 The crowds heard this and were astonished at
His teaching.34 When the Pharisees heard that

Jesus had put the Sadducees to silence,
They got together.35 One of them, who was
A legal expert, tested him and asked:

36 "Teacher, of the commandments, which is greatest? "
37 Jesus said: "‘Love the Lord your God with all
Your heart and all your soul and all your mind.'

38 This is the first and great commandment,39 and
The second's like it: ‘Love your neighbor as
Yourself.' 40 Upon these two commandments hang

All of the Law and Prophets." 41 Then he asked
The gathered Pharisees this question,42 "What
Do you think of the Christ? Whose son is he? "

"The son of David, " they replied,43 and he
Then asked, "How is it then that David, when
Encouraged by the Spirit, calls him ‘Lord'?

He says,44 ‘The Lord told my Lord: "Sit at my
Right hand until I put your enemies
Under your feet."' 45 If David therefore calls

Him ‘Lord, ' how can he be his son? " 46 None could
Even say one word, and from that day forth
Nobody dared to test him anymore.

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