Day Williams

To Praise The Lord

To praise the Lord is good.
For praise is communion with God.
For praise heals the heart and soul.
For praise is right, for the Lamb of God is worthy of it.
For praise delights the Lord.
For praise is angels' music.
For praise is the fragrance of roses in a summer garden.
For praise is giving to the Giver of life.
For praise is creative.
For praise gladdens the heart.
For praise is making a joyful noise unto the Lord.
For praise is the sun between the clouds.
For praise is an army of righteousness.
For praise frightens the devil, the adversary, a roaring lion who seeks whom he may devour.
For praise replaces pain and misery with joy and delight.
For praise belongs to the Creator.
For praise belongs to the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.
For praise belongs to the Holy Spirit, our comforter.
For praise is like the dawn after a long, cold night.
For praise is a friend in the valley of the shadow of death.
For praise is like holding a string of colored balloons at a park.
For praise is like a rainbow above the throne of God.
For praise is another dimension, after the length and depth and height of His love.
For praise is love from the created to the Creator.
For praise is affirmation of the New Covenant.
For praise is private.
For praise is public.
For praise is free, like the Water of life.
For praise is the highest and broadest exercise of the mind.
For praise makes the heart glow and grow.
For praise is more powerful than wealthy princes.
For praise is a girl's giggle, a boy's laugh, a woman's adornment, a man's manhood.
For praise is how to conquer the world.
For praise is complete envelopment in His wings.
For praise is spirit to Spirit, son to Son, and son to Father.
For praise is how the martyrs endured the flames.
For praise is free will employed in excellence.
For praise is becoming to the giver of it.
For praise defeats the enemy.
For praise is a weapon against sin.
For praise is pleasing to the tongue.
For praise is like the tree leaves reflecting sunlight.
For praise is perfect timing with the Lord of Time.
For praise is soaring like a dove over the ocean's foam.
For praise is pleasing to God.
For praise clears the cobwebs from the walls.
For praise is a diamond, clear and bright, that shines above the continents.
For praise is the power of the meek, who shall inherit the earth.
For praise blesses both the giver and the receiver of it.
For praise is a ladder from the pit.
For praise is good in winter, spring, summer and fall.
For praise is courtship between Bride and Bridegroom.
For praise is simple as a field of beans.
For praise is as complex as God's plan for mankind.
For praise is eternal.
For praise is higher than the moon, deeper than the ocean, wider than the skies, rounder than the earth.
For praise is wise as thrift, strong as love and right as rain.
For praise is the key to the House of Revelation.
For praise stirs up the gifts and call of the Lord.
For praise ignites the fire in the bones.
For praise is the path to victory.
For praise is incense at the throne of God
For praise is exquisite like the love between man and wife.
For praise is to know and love God.

Topic(s) of this poem: christianity, praise

Poem Submitted: Saturday, June 17, 2017

Form: Verse

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Comments about To Praise The Lord by Day Williams

  • Chinedu DikeChinedu Dike (4/14/2019 10:15:00 PM)

    Writing for the glorification and edification of our Lord, is the hallmark of literary ingenuity. Thanks for the poem and do remain enriched.

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  • Prabir GayenPrabir Gayen (2/16/2019 2:11:00 PM)

    Beautiful poem dear poet....... thanks

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  • Dr Tony BrahminDr Tony Brahmin (6/19/2017 9:49:00 AM)

    you are very much chrisitan n your thinking, God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit.
    angels, heaven, praising the Lord of heaven and earth day and night. God the Father is the creator and protector of universe....... let us praise him... it is so noble and heavenly to praise him always. thank you dear poet. thank you. tony

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  • Verinha MarianoVerinha Mariano (6/17/2017 10:07:00 PM)

    Wonderful poem! Honor and praise to God!

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