Maybe Love? Poem by Spriha Roy

Maybe Love?

Rating: 5.0

In your next birth,
May you see her worth.
For all she wanted was all,
That she could take to the world above.

She told the moon,
How you, were her boon.
With all her heart she loved you,
Yet she was broken apart by you.

Crying in the rain,
Was never enough to wash her pain.
Yet she tried to stay cheerful,
Because to her, your sadness was dreadful.

She chose you above everyone,
Yet you left her, for just, anyone.
Pain was painted across her face,
Yet she treated you like ‘The Grace'.

You told her,
This was your type of love for her.
And she accepted it like a fool,
As for you, she was nothing but a tool.

A tired smile was all she had,
For her power of acceptance was down bad.
She was no longer the same,
Yet no one did she blame.

Now she was strong and weak,
For her tears would often peek.
She was always at war,
With the memories which stayed as a scar.

She often thinks about the bitter sweet tale,
Of the ship that could never sail.
At last the ship was in pieces,
Cursed to never be touch by warmth till eternity ceases.


Beautifully and captivatingly written. A lost love lingers in the mind for ever. Leaves an indelible scar on the heart. Nice rhythm and rhyme scheme. Enjoyed

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