Spriha Roy Poems

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Ugly Creature

In the moonlit night;
She resides.
In the darkness;
She hides her weakness.

The Unanswered Question

In a world warm outside, yet within, it's icy cold,
Why this paradox, untold?
Can you answer why?

Whispers Of Sorrow

Staring at her, as if she is the devil,
But she is nothing compared to the real evil.
The evil, which drowned her,
In the sea of a bloody massacre.

Maybe Love?

In your next birth,
May you see her worth.
For all she wanted was all,
That she could take to the world above.

A Kind Of Peace

No shoulder to cry on,
No one to help her go on.
That's how she grew,
With love and warmth, quite few.

'Real' Smile

It's been a while,
She has had a real smile.
All her life, she was the one to sacrifice,
She did so in hope that it would suffice.

Apparently Beautiful World

Silence so deafening,
Along with the reality, which is painfully stinging.
The truth lay hanging,
Yet she went by without noticing.

Love Nowadays

Love so beautiful,
It can be deceitful.
Pure love is fictional,
For, nothing in this world is rational.

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