Meet My Family Member Poem by poet virginus ndubuisi

Meet My Family Member

The name of my dad is Ben or Benedict. But he is popularly known as Big Ben of London or Bentus. His carrier is law making, he knows the law very well I mean he knows the constitutions. He works with the Barristers and also the Judiciary. He is an intelligent man when he was schooling in primary and secondary schools, he usually take first position. He is kind and he loves everyone. But he hates intimidations. He is also a poet he compose poetries like I. He is a fearless man like I. he have contributed some things to the world, most especially to the intimidated ones and as to the needy all over the world. He usually gets annoyed when he sees people intimidating his people.
All the community loves him and also the world. He is a peace maker and also a warrior. We loves him very well.
The second person is my mum. The name of my mum is Stella. She is a very lovely mother and she deals with trading. She is also a farmer. She has contributed so many things to the village. We are nine in our family. The first is Edith, the second sister is Maureen while the third sister is Angela. Another ones are Ugomma and Chisom. The ladies in our family are five while the boys are four. The first son is Barrister Criscent Chigozie, he works with our Barristers. The second son is Magnus Monday. The third son is I Poet Virginus Ndubuisi. I am a member of Academic of American Poet, I am also a member of poem hunters. We are all over the world. I have contributed to the growth of my country and also to the world. I am like my Daddy. I am back like him and also intelligent like him. He calls me eloquent speaker and author. I started writing my poetries when I was in SS II in Ikeja High School, Lagos State. I wrote about fifteen poetries that time and later wrote almost hundred poetries when I finished writing my N.E.C.O. During my schooling in Immaculate Heart of Mary Nursery and Primary School Adaba, I was given a post of security prefect and class prefect and during schooling in Favoured International School, Abuja, I was given a post that is meant to be given to senior students. Due to my intelligence. The third boy is Arinze also known as Sunday. He is lovely and kind.
I started teaching when I left secondary school. I first started teaching in Immaculate Heart of Mary secondary school Adaba and St. Joseph Secondary school Adaba. Later I joined Freedeom Mission International School Adaba where I started my nursery school. I was doing very well there. I was excelling in all my subjects. I was having 100percent and 90percent and also 80percent in my subject. I use to take first and second position when I was schooling in the school. It is due to my intelligence that I was given Head boy.

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