Almedia Knight Oliver

Memories Are Made Of These - Poem by Almedia Knight Oliver

Walking barefoot down the dusty dirt road right
up to the old house wrapped in porch's arm.
After graduating high school and those things left back home.
Still holding onto rustic memories of gathering eggs,
Milking the cow, cupping hands full of cool water from
The springs to drink: all these are memories of childhood years.

There are times when I must close my eyes to now's reality to
be place myself in space and time of my gangling teenage years,
and warm memory pillows of pains and not die, and to live on.
Long ago, he placed his class ring on my finger, blue and gold
high school sweater around my shoulder, and another time was
our high school prom night and when I heard a whisper in my ear:
"You look so pretty in that pink, strapless voile dress, and
bobby-pin-hot-combed-hair stands the test of time"

Time and memory keep on turning pages of chapter after chapter
So, I read about the two slow dragging all evening into the night,
before heading home before midnight still dancing to the grind of gravel
Under their feet… Yet, nary a complaint of weariness nor defeat, in a vigorous
and happy-go-lucky world where even if bats swung up side down on limbs.
And we couldn't stop sniffing fragrance of wild flowers in the south wind.

The night slept and the midnight wind danced to Chubby Checker
"The Twist" and my heart danced to every beat of our hearts…
I felt an awkward but gentle kiss on my lips and hands around
my waist enough kindling to start up the fire!
When we arrived at the door, tears commenced to flow with no place
to go, or a hankie to soak up the flow.
We unlocked our hands. He used his index finger tip to wipe the tear.

I'm grateful to my memory for storing, encoding, and retrieving
occasions and events. On account of my mind, I see, hear, and
Experiences of my prom night; my high school beau, and the flowered
memories of my life on the farm; hoping you delight in my bouquet
and keep the scent of its lasting perfume.

Brooklyn, New York

February 22,2015

Topic(s) of this poem: friendship, memories

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Remembering events of more than once upon a time

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