Almedia Knight Oliver

Almedia Knight Oliver Poems

1. Rubi's Art 3/21/2009
2. O Love In Your Conquest 4/4/2009
3. Simple Truth Stands Along 8/14/2009
4. Mother...Look At Your Nature: 3/5/2011
5. A Moment With Indulgence 3/29/2011
6. Your Illness... 4/3/2011
7. To A Loving Husband 5/14/2011
8. Moving And Dreaming: 4/24/2011
9. Haikus 4/23/2011
10. The Wilted Orchid 5/22/2011
11. Sweet Dreams My Love 8/15/2010
12. Her Lost Treasure 1/15/2011
13. The Forgotteni 2/5/2011
14. Love Is... 6/7/2011
15. Home... 8/6/2011
16. Body Snatcher 9/3/2011
17. To Hope: From Despair 9/24/2011
18. River, Tide, Run... 10/20/2011
19. Moving And Dreaming: # 2 10/28/2011
20. My Special Birthday Card To You 11/7/2011
21. An Epiphany In The Car 6/21/2012
22. How To Survive The System 7/1/2012
23. Hot Dogs On The Fourth Of July 7/4/2012
24. Waiting... 8/19/2012
25. Endless Love 8/19/2012
26. A Monologue With Self 10/21/2012
27. Let's Just Breathe... 11/25/2012
28. The Sound Of Love... 11/25/2012
29. Let's Breathe #2 12/2/2012
30. Love... 12/10/2012
31. Who Is Love... 12/10/2012
32. Houses Of Dreams 12/31/2012
33. Impromptu Poem... 2/17/2013
34. Dear Poetry 4/25/2013
35. Each Vote Counts 11/6/2012
36. A Friend Of Light 11/17/2012
37. A Soliloquy: Today, Tomorrow...And Tomorrow 11/18/2012
38. A Stepfather Walks In His Steps 6/16/2013
39. Live Out Loud: Our Ilana 7/11/2013
40. In My Brother's Memory 9/14/2013

Comments about Almedia Knight Oliver

  • Susan Aparejo (12/10/2010 5:55:00 PM)

    This poem creates imagery
    in me and in my heart.
    There's something deepest
    part uncovered yet.


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  • Dr.subhendu Kar Dr.subhendu Kar (7/11/2010 9:12:00 AM)

    Almedia Knight

    And she is a great poet down to earth
    heart bestirs to know what she writes
    passion reels through by quest of her muse
    as mind meanders for a cup of misty wine

    as i read starry soul by her poetics
    the angel seems to sprinkle bliss
    i slowly bend down yet genuflecting
    to her grace rarest of rares yet unequaled...........
    all the best of love and regards

  • ~ Jon London ~ (8/16/2009 10:43:00 AM)

    Like a bloom of freshness, Almedia's poetry fills the page with colours that are sure to please any pallet...Her poetry speaks of everyday things...that open the minds eye to what surrounds us all...The truth, understanding...and gratitude that shines like a flaxen sun for her work is of the highest quality that many in the poetry world have come to admire and deeply love....Almedia is one of the most respected poetess's here at PH...and across the world....Take a glimpse at her work...and be inspired.

    All the very best to you for the future Almedia my dear friend....God bless

    Your friend in poetry


Best Poem of Almedia Knight Oliver

A Rush Of Wild Wind

Love is like a wild wind
Am I just a howling wildness?
or maybe a howling triumph!

Twirling and twisting into a knot
Ought I pull this way or not?
Head spinning, heart running,
and I'm following its path.

Oh sweet heart see the flowers
hanging over the picket fence,
five lovely petals crying
out for-get-me-not!
In the never-ending heaven hangs
as many shinning stars as angels!

Having slept nights alone
Desire crests, overflowing
waves over waves

Sitting alone on the riverbank
Pondering the long dive ...

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In The Homestrecth

remembering how far I have come
and wondering just how far I to have to go
And knowing where I don't want to go
Yet fully aware of where I must go.

The mind, a terrifying place, if taken in consideration being
inside a body that is in the homestretch of time
and yet cannot go back to the beginning
so is the difference in the ending.

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