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A Rush Of Wild Wind

Love is like a wild wind
Am I just a howling wildness?
or maybe a howling triumph!

Evening's Solitude

In evening's solitude sipping a glass of wine, or
maybe two, and listening to Roberta's love songs
Being spirited away dizzily to dream land

A Mother's Collection: Tissues, Bones, And Blood (First)

Her First born that seems so long ago:

Peering into my mind
Look at what I see!

The Power Of Love

Early on: the radiance morning sun
infusing space and exposing me unbound
I lay beside him, marveling aura waltzing
behind my eyelids

A Loving Partner

We found each other under the evening sky
the moon sat directly over our heads and sent
tidal waves that made our hearts bulge with love.

Almedia Knight-Oliver Comments

Susan Aparejo 10 December 2010

This poem creates imagery in me and in my heart. There's something deepest part uncovered yet. sue

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Dr.subhendu Kar 11 July 2010

Almedia Knight And she is a great poet down to earth heart bestirs to know what she writes passion reels through by quest of her muse as mind meanders for a cup of misty wine as i read starry soul by her poetics the angel seems to sprinkle bliss i slowly bend down yet genuflecting to her grace rarest of rares yet unequaled........... ..................................................... all the best of love and regards subhendu

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~ Jon London ~ 16 August 2009

Like a bloom of freshness, Almedia's poetry fills the page with colours that are sure to please any pallet...Her poetry speaks of everyday things...that open the minds eye to what surrounds us all...The truth, understanding...and gratitude that shines like a flaxen sun for her work is of the highest quality that many in the poetry world have come to admire and deeply love....Almedia is one of the most respected poetess's here at PH...and across the world....Take a glimpse at her work...and be inspired. All the very best to you for the future Almedia my dear friend....God bless Your friend in poetry Jon

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