Message Not In A Bottle Poem by Lamont Palmer

Message Not In A Bottle

Just when I put my mortality behind me
Somebody I know dies; the scourge of daylight
Drops its existential contents and mental bricks
Onto your lap, the comfort zone of life.
This vanquishes you; you need to lay down
On a bed of roses, but a mattress will suffice,
(beds bridge the gap from light to mythic dark) .
Starry nights go unnoticed, they take to
The streets, no longer trusting the celestial
Places they used to feel good in, or drew inspiration.
Pascal's dream makes little sense, like sailing
On an exhausted sea; waves too lazy to topple you.
It seems the blank slate was never blank, it
Held a bold message; exclamation points giving birth.

Adeline Foster 09 July 2015

Lamont: As still another 'old Grandma Grammarian' 'fraid I must agree with J Carter about 'lay' in line five: lay is to place in position; lie means to recline. Even poetic license will not admit otherwise. Cute thoughts, good write. Adeline

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Laughing@ You 28 October 2013


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Laughing@ You 28 October 2013

Oh yes, LP, and as you probably know already, I hate the title.

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Lamont Palmer 31 May 2013

JC, you know I can't shake my man crush (that extends to the great beyond) with Merrill. I would say my very loose iambics don't make the poems 'florid' - its my word choices. But again, its just the way I think and see the world. To quote William Logan, who I know you adore - 'If you don't look just wrong to your contemporaries, you won't look just write to history. Thanks on word 'lie'.

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