Three Days Of Rain Poem by Lamont Palmer

Three Days Of Rain

Rating: 2.8

Drenched assumptions were all we had.
It was alright, she said,
for umbrellas to be panaceas,

where tears reverberated
vociferously: a dark evening
never shows itself fully.

Its gotten gray and hopefully
peaceful. I won't refuse to
seek dryness in your sexy flat,

but I'll follow to all points
mute; ignoring the drama
of panes under attack.

My own clouds form. Roofs are
slanted like opinions:
just the right amount of strength,

as I love the cut of yours,
your skin, the screen upon which
David Lynch films are viewed,

decidedly surreal, if one fears
the residue of joy, because
someday, joy may die like diffident plants.

Sue Ann Simar 17 August 2013

This makes me think of the Don Hall quote about self-editing, cutting back. Example: My own clouds form: Roofs are/ slanted opinions/ the right amount of strength. it's gray and hopefully peaceful

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Patricia Grantham 24 July 2013

A shelter from the down pour of a great rainfall. The roofs and window panes being pelted up and down from the force of the rain. Finding a dry place in the company of a beautiful woman adds to the effect. Very good!

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Heather Wilkins 13 July 2013

a very good write someday joy may die like different plants. too much over watering is not good.

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David Wood 13 July 2013

A truly inspirational poem full of latent atmosphere.

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Xelam Kan™ 06 July 2013

Quite impressive Sir, balance, well structured and specially the last stanza.....Superbly crafted.

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