Matthew Foor

Rookie (9-12-85 / Austin Texas)

Messed Up - Poem by Matthew Foor

What makes us so intrigued?
By crime

So interested in murder
School shootings
Serial killers
Police chases
Violent deaths
Ways to die
Is it just me wondering?
Why all these subjects
Tickle our fancy

Humanity has taken
A turn for the worse
It's bad enough that we do
These horrendous things
But do we need to glorify them
By plastering them across our
Television sets

Ask someone you know
That watches
Reality crime shows
Why they do

Most likely you will get one
Of two responses
One being "I don't know."
The other "it's just interesting"


Since when did criminal acts
Become interesting

Especially in rapes and
Serial murders

Some might say that it started with
Adam and Eve
With the first lie and the first betrayal
From that point on
Mankind lost its
Innocence and was given free will

I'm not sure I completely
Agree with that theory
Sounds like a cop out to me

I think that deep down inside
We all carry an extreme hatred
For our own kind
And when I say deep down
I mean past even our subconscious

With some,
Unfortunately it's shallower
And is acted upon
With some

I don't even watch much television any more
Everything is just too depressing
Too brutal
Too un-entertaining

I will gladly stick to my writing
And reading

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