Joyce Rugg

Rookie (2/21/1996- / olean new york)

Midnight/Dawn - Poem by Joyce Rugg

Dawn is a continuation of midnight, which was written almost 3 years ago.


when you're young you believe every fairytale
you view the world through a gently blurring veil
it is paradise, a lovely, peaceful place.
As you get older, you see the horrors you face

shadows form at the edges of your sight
all too soon darkness smothers the light
you long for the days of carefree bliss.
why must you trade princes for this?

you dream of a happily ever after.
instead, you meet only ruin and disaster
the shining illusion goes up in flame;
leaving no joy, only self-hatred and bitter shame

you emerge from the fire, your gown ragged, crumbling, black
and realize your old life is gone, there's no turning back
that innocent child is murdered, long dead
leaving a broken shell to face the terror ahead


Broken shoes now sharp-edged weapons
To keep human monsters away
Issues of trust, a gift and curse
That keep friends and foes at bay

Fists clenching tightly, bloodstained nails
As she tries to outrun the past
But the chilling breath of specters
still follows in an icy blast

But soon the rough edges don't hurt
And numbness claims her for its own
Then in the cold, it starts to grow,
The seed of hatred they had sown

It takes root, pulls her to the ground
Where voices tell her she should stay
Why fight? Just surrender to Death
It's so much easier that way

But no, that isn't who she is,
A puppet dangling from their strings
'I'm a fighter, a warrior,
I'll never give in' her spirit sings

Acceptance crowds out all her doubts
Fear fades as she faces the pain
Now stronger from all her trials
Attempts to break her all in vain

Numb no more, a frozen heart warms,
Tears dry, replaced with bright laughter
Peaceful, though not conventional,
Her own happy ever after

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