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I'm a 16-year old straightedge vegetarian-going-vegan who loves symphonic/black/death metal. (I love the agonist, & I'm a shadow soldier for life!)
I've been writing poetry since I was 13 & stories since i was 10. My dream job would be as lead vocalist of a melodic death metal band.

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Voices whisper, promising sweet sleep
I look, but see nothing in the deep
Nothing different from where I am now
The only change, it doesn’t bow

Trial By Fire

Spare me your lies
And your transparent tears 
You grieve not your crimes,
You've lost track of your sins

Immortal Idols

You're chasing immortality,
But it's not in fleeting fame,
Nor in works of art
As we forget the masters' names

Infected Paradise

Temperatures rise as morals fall
We've created a living hell
We pretend our decay's a lie,
It's easy, perfume masks the smell

Self-Bound Slave

They claim their halos
But deny the horns below
Adorned with bats' dark wings
Yet claiming the right of seraphim

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