Ivan Chizurum Ezeigbo

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Mind Travel - Poem by Ivan Chizurum Ezeigbo

Has anyone ever thought of life after death?
I don’t think so
But I thought so
When the supernatural life and I met
I was away from my foe;
In a world to bring up a new foe
I might have made friends before
But it was impossible here, from what I saw
I was in white
A garment as bright as light
Resemblance of earth wares to it might
I was upheld in through the clouds at height
To gaze down or up, I was in fright
On earth, my heart was heavy
Not because I was a needy
But fights sprung up consequently,
Requiring me to act immediately
But here, it was heavenly
I moved not in my own velocity
I finally arrived at an area more brightly lit
And then, by my will I started moving
I was on land red like crimson
Had I known where I had been?
Would I be so scared for another fitting?
I traveled at a high acceleration like I was flying
And yonder places to see, will be desiring
But here I knew things were not gotten by caring
On mediums, I saw still creatures I could not imagine
On surfaces, I saw symbols of which I had no meaning
And then I knew there was another world in which I was traveling
Hell and heaven were choices of dwelling
Heaven chosen were by calling
I understood this from the book before which I was reading
Also that hell to no one of you had caring
Of the days past, I did not know then
Nor time did I know when
Right in front of me, I was confused to decide
Was I moving towards heaven or hell?
There were sand dunes and sand haze
Everywhere foggy and frightening, I saw I was in another phase
Fear or fright was my problem base
And the burning heat of the sun was another case
Even with a map, finding my location will be solving a maze
I had no time even to daze
Until I saw my relation by name Maurice
I don’t know if to get closer or away
Because Maurice died just yesterday
But I didn’t have a place to stay
And he could provide me shelter for my head to lie
I got to him but he stood still
I touched him and everything was still
It was hot; I wasn’t sure what I will feel
And better and better were my feelings still
I appeared in a place I knew not
My friend behind me took me by my hand
It was the mot beautiful place, no one could find
Or could its treasures and jewelries be sought
I walked on streets of gold
Expensive chandeliers and bulbs, I can’t imagine how much they were sold;
I no longer was catching cold
And far off, I knew I saw something I was once told
Farther and farther we travelled
The more people I saw, I marveled
Up in the sky and even close were the stars that dazzled
And my wishes for better things I leveled
We approached a huge building
On it were beautiful structures and creatures
Mighty swords were they holding
And powerful wings they had
But they never looked sad
We went in crossing a palace of inner beauty
And in it was the greatest being I have seen, huge and relaxed
And mighty servants worshiped Him
I knew the being
I wanted to look closer
I was curious to see the being better
But yet never
My eyes was open and on earth was I
Then I heard a voice whisper to my ear and say
“Not yet” He said, “I took you for a little mind travel to the end of the worlds”

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