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He hates
She hates
They hate
And hate hate

Like a storm in a teacup
Billowing from east to west
Trembling at it's foundation
In a horrible situation

Maternal mothers rapport even when in distress
Connected hopes even in blizzards
Temporary strong hopes even in a bleak future
Does not answer the question

When the rabbit ran behind those grasses under the mango tree
When a small yellow bird flew across the scenic window view
And the parrot on top of the palm tree just keeps the music on
It was all a play to remember

I want to dream of flying
Soaring high
High up in the skies
High above my sorrows

Cry for me under the rain
Because I long to be with you
But short has my hopes been cut
Under the rain we met


The story of a hopeless mother
Lost in a wild village
Taken out at night from her cottage
But only for the baby she carries she doth bother

What a tragedy that man be born with wings!
What a funny sight to behold!
What great evil he would accomplish!
What measure of conflict would exist!

Nothing more or less keeps me terrified at night
Than the frightening shadow of my love
Had she known
How much I shiver around her

I have a future
I built with with bricks and cement
And rods and rocks
But weak bonded future

Monuments of the new man
Resurrection of the new spice
An enemy to the former villain
That mystifies the so-called unwise

Sugar tongues
Fearful tongs
Learning to survive
Asking why you are alive

My skies
This is my message to you
Waking each morning
You are the one I see first

I speak for those who ride with me on the dreary tides
With auspicious hopes of being found ashore
Our Rube Goldberg’s gold that vanished beyond our very prospects
We crave for the secession of our goals from the assays of them

My party has risen wild
And God can now laugh with me
Like freedom on the blankets of the wind
My spirit as air from my nostrils

Sometimes when we are sad
All we need is someone to smile
Someone to play some music
Someone to sing us a song

Maybe you're right
Maybe I am not that happy after all
Maybe I haven't achieved true self love
Maybe I am a little dirt

Has anyone ever thought of life after death?
I don’t think so
But I thought so
When the supernatural life and I met

Keen eyes
Hyperactive legs
Grimace on the face
Desperate souls

Won by the forces of nature
Sealed law of banished future
History repeats itself
At some point, you feel control over yourself

Ivan Chizurum Ezeigbo Biography

Ezeigbo Ivan Chizurum is a prolific writer. He is in fact endowed with this gift. He has won many competitions through his talent in writing like the read, write and win competition by Patience Ezinwoke where he emerged one of the winners in Nigeria and the famous UYF(United Youth Fitness) international competition.)

The Best Poem Of Ivan Chizurum Ezeigbo

Rise Above Hate

He hates
She hates
They hate
And hate hate
The party hate
And hate parties
They hate me
And hate you
And hates us both
And we hate them too
It hates
And hates it
It hates them too
They hate too much
And too much hates too
If I hate you
And you hate me
And you hate it too
And if I hate you both
Then I hate too much
And if I hate too much
Then it hates me too
And if it hates me too
And you hate me too
Then I hate me too
So, why don't we hate hate
And not hate
Cos it's better to hate hate
Than to hate you

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Ivan Chizurum Ezeigbo Popularity

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