David Joel Rodriguez

Mind Your Mistakes* (2005) - Poem by David Joel Rodriguez

Those times we had fun were the best days
days of laughter filled with loving devotion
remember when we played those crazy games
pleasure of being together with great emotion
what happened to the girl that used to sing to the ocean?

I spent nights dreaming of moments like these
warm and lost in a world created by your point of view
nights that I could actually sleep with greatest ease
but knowing and hating that this song is not for you

Where were you when the clouds were grey
I asked around waving and knowing it wasn't you
I long for the pain but never ask for it this way
I must go now because this song is not for you

I troubled myself through these lonely streets
wandering and searching door to door for a clue
nothing I would find of you was ever concrete
everything you said to me or spoke of was never true

I've gone about my business remembering the hurt
you have disappeared forever because I've changed my mind
You were just collected figments of someone I wanted
Someone I invented I wish now had never existed

This song is not for you but comes from the heart
the days that were invested are now left behind
All you were were implanted visions lurking in my head
I no longer can look for you because you were never listed.

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