Mirror Mirror Poem by Madhuri Sawant

Mirror Mirror

Rating: 4.7

Don’t display my eyes,
Don’t display my hair,
Don’t display my teeth.

Mirror Mirror
Display my courage
Display my knowledge
Display my voyage
Display my message
Display my passage
To go in the right direction as you show.

Mirror Mirror
Don’t you dare display my dress,
Don’t display my shoes.

Mirror Mirror
Display my strength
Display my weakness
Display my soul
To succeed in the path you show.

Mirror Mirror
You are my best friend,
You are not like them
You show me my true form.

Rajnish Manga 07 July 2017

Extremely thoughtful. Let the mirror reflect the picture of a new woman who is driven by her courage, strength, knowledge and aspirations far removed from her superfluous qualities. Thanks a lot. Mirror Mirror / You are my best friend / You show me my true form.

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Prachi Samant 15 July 2013

this one i liked the most...

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Gajanan Mishra 08 July 2017

great write, mirror is the best person to represent the self

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ashraf CK 12 July 2018

It is very useful

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Namika 08 October 2020

Sir pleasegive

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Adithya 10 August 2018

Sir. Please give the poetic devices in the poem

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Sreejith 09 August 2018

Hi sir please give me the exact message of the poem

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Little 07 August 2018

Message of the poem please

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adhil 22 July 2018

Good poet

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