Mischievous Monsters Hunt Black Sheep Poem by Matthew Rousseau

Mischievous Monsters Hunt Black Sheep

Rating: 4.0

They scurry around, looking for another unfortunate sheep
To drown in their schemes of lies and deceit
They beat the child under clear blue skies
and turn that child into a black sheep

These mischievous monsters never give in
Most call them bullies, but I see different
Oh they're just kids! Some would say,
but the black sheep wants it's pain to go away

The sheep cries and no one cares,
No friends are there, they'd be caught in a cross-hair
There aren't anyone who wants to help
No matter how much the black sheep Yelps.

The black sheep can get away and loose it's blackening shingles
It can live a normal life amongst the herd
It can teach it's kids not to be a monster

Or the black sheep could become full of Rage
Could gather arms, burn down the neighbors farms
Go to school with a duffle bag
and after 10 injured and five dead, leave in a body bag

Or the black sheep could turn It's anger inwards,
that anger becomes sadness, and then depression
that black sheep harms itself, trying to put its mind in regression
then the sheep ties a noose, and hangs from it's neck,
like a branch, dangling loose.

Dawn Fuzan 15 May 2014

Mathew I enjoyed every line, keep it up

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Matthew Rousseau

Matthew Rousseau

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