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Missing - Poem by Molly Densmore

Gone and no one knew any different... but you
The victim of evil... needing immediate rescue
Taken away for reasons unknown and hid
A fate unclear and for now undecided.

Then thrown in a room of dirt and filth
What could have you done different... you're feeling guilt
Don't know what is going to happen now
But told... no noise or screaming out loud.

Bound to the wall with hooks and chains
Not much of your dignity remains
Stripped of clothing... he smiled and stared
Your heart and soul exposed and bared.

He took your body and you become despondent
Was there something in your life... for this punishment?
He had reasons for the justification
It was for your mind and spirits execution.

Scarred forever and tossed aside
This isn't over... there'll be a next time
Minutes pass and the torture begins
Only to start later for it to start again.

Night comes and there is no sleep
Eyes scared open to softly weep
Longing for the safety of your home
Fear and terror inside and all alone.

No end in sight, so it seems
No chance for the self to redeem
How can a heart be so evil and cold?
His ruined and your's the one stole.

Another day, for his needs of flesh
Floating above yourself... only to exist
The hurt and pain you cannot bear
Consuming fear, terror, and despair.

He asked over and over... when do you want to die
You said nothing... nothing to satisfy
Slapped around, because no answer was given
Wanted was life and that was the reason.

His interest and the high soon faded
He was bored, hungry, and dissuaded
Wanted another... younger and new
Someone... someone other than you.

Was this going to be the time?
Death or freed from horror of this kind?
To be the ultimate... or setting you free?
Will there be any ounce of humanity?

Then... a remarkable part of the experience
He said you could go, due to your obedience
A good slave he said, for the time being
You saved your own life... he was revealing.

The door opened for you to run
Uncaged and out of the oblivion
Fast as your feet could move and go
Seems like years have past and you've grown.

No longer missing... you're free and clear
Safe now... till you dream the nightmare's fear
You won't let go of everyone and everything
No longer gone... no longer one of the missing.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, March 18, 2006

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