The most beautiful word mom!
You are the whole world,
I am a single atom! !

The most merciful!
The mellifluous, gracious and Tolerant,
You are the most beautiful! !

The hideous pain of the labor!
How did you bear mom?
You always do my favor! !

I was so small, simple and innocent!
I could not talk, nor could walk,
But you Could feel my hunger 100 percent! !

I was a child not knowing the world!
You taught me more than thousands teachers,
You always for me, no summer and no cold! !

When I fall in diseaseor I sad!
You feel pain more than me,
You do not eat and not go to bed! !

When I am outside at night!
All members eat dinner except you,
You favor me and do fight! !

When I read alone my book!
You are beside me,
You blow hand in my back and keep look! !

When I become hopeless!
You encourage me,
And I become energetic and bless! !

In my success and joy!
You become so happy,
You distribute sweet and enjoy! !

I am so far in hostel
Even in the day of Eid,
You are sorrow, feel like hell! !

You are incomparable, Unchangeable
You are loving and respected,
My life without mom unreasonable! !

I want to see you smiling and delighted!
I can sell even my kidney,
Still I will look after and keep lighted! !

By Your Friend: Baquee Billah Ahmed

Monday, August 27, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: love,mom,mother,mother and child ,story
Its all about love of my mom
Naila Rais 28 August 2018

A wonderful tribute to mumma..... You are in hostel where? ? ? You haven't gone to your home for celebration of Eid... (might be bcoz it was 2 day holiday) ... 10+++++++++++ and more... Naila

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Baquee Billah Ahmed 28 August 2018

Thank You! Listen to sad a few! ! Even i cant bear, But Exam is near It was like a dark and clay! My recent Eid Day! ! Whole Day i was in Room! Sorrow, I could not go home! !

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