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In The Mid Of The Night, Depression You Are Killing Me..

I'm waiting for the very person,
Who'll wipe off my sorrows,
The one who will give me a hug,
When I have no hope left.

Let Me Rise...

Blazing at the gazing sky,
Deep into the heart as the beach comber rise,
Sitting and counting the glazing of the pebbles,
When near the seashore heart heaviness arise...

Strange Traveler Through The Woods...

In the foggy, trembling night
I met a traveler with haunting sight
He sat on horse half tilted right
With a candle burning so bright


Don't cut me, don't cut me
I give you all the things
What bad have I done to you
Don't cut me, don't cut me.

Sombre, Weeping Rife...

Sick, thin walking with stick,
Nothing to eat, thrown vittles she lick,
Stomach inside, the soul cries,
Crossing the roads, balance she tries,

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21 March 2018

💖💖Love❤️❤️ is not love until love is through ❤️❤️love💖💖...

12 April 2018

We can wonder what we don't have but can not wonder what how much we have..

12 April 2018

You are not intelligent but intelligent is your will to do....

12 April 2018

Hardships are the deposits of your spiritual wealth...

12 April 2018

The hardships struggle when the martyrs die...

Naila Rais Comments

Qiniso Mogale 29 June 2018

A great young poet. Her poems are emotional and captivating. One would expect the wisdom expressed in the poems from someone who is old. Such a gifted poet, and quite intelligent. Keep it up dear poet!

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Sheikh Shadi Marjan 30 June 2018

Naila is a young poetry talent. - Sheikh Shadi Marjan Dhaka Bangladesh

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Anjali 25 July 2018

I love to read your poems.... Keep it up....

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Tk sam 21 July 2018

A wonderful young poetess... Description of todays society is greatly done with its influences and remarks.. My best wishes to you ????

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Zakaria 01 June 2020

Awesome but difficult English.

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Prabir Gayen 02 April 2019

Very talented Poetess.God bless you dear friend.

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Aniruddha Pathak 21 September 2018

A have read a few poems of Naila Rais and have found something new in them and I hope to read more. I wish her best to this young poet

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Rajnish Manga 09 September 2018

I have had the pleasure of reading a couple of poems written by Naila Rais and am greatly impressed by her selection of subjects, style, language and youthful sentiments that go into it. Thanks and the Best Wishes.

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Pk john 22 August 2018

Great poems... Enjoyed reading..

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A girl of grade 10 at AMU. Having a dream to be an aeronautical engineer. Physics is my love.

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