Megan Anderton

Mom Whos Gone To Heaven - Poem by Megan Anderton

By Megan Anderton

Seeing you in peace again, brings smiley warm tears too my eyes…
Missing you, and knowing that your not really gone brings warmth within me,
Thinking about you all times of the day is all I need too do…
Too keep you with me….

You treat me as one of your own, rather than just your sons girlfriend….
Thank you for the friendship you’ve shown me…
I will be proud to be your daughter in law,
As my father would be proud to have your son as his,

Looking up into the sky, I see white clouds filling the blue areas,
Wondering which one your resting on….
Sunlight shining down over you healing the hurt and exhaustion from you.
Sleeping like sleeping beauty, until you get too the gateway
Restoring you too your true form, beautiful, kind, and loving.

My father and your family, will be waiting, for you…
You’ll tell them the stories of your life, that they’ve missed on,
And be very overwhelmed too see them, you won’t know what too do.

Eventually you’ll go on, with a new life, too start,
But I know for the time being you’ll be staying around for a while,
Making sure everyone, is okay, until they no longer need you,

Promising you that I will love your son too the fullest,
support him through all aspects of life, not caring much, of the differences between us,
him accepting me for it and loving me for it, has been the greatest gift.
As I accept him as my equal, and loved one.

I want you too know even though we haven’t known each other, for centuries,
I love you like I love my own mother, and your family loves you truly and deeply,
So even though your not able too comfort them or speak too them,
Me and my mom will help them through this, like you and your son helped me..

You’ll never be forgotten.. We love you mom, become happy, and your self again,
Give it time too settle before moving on, we all want what’s best for you.
Do me one last favor, when you see my dad, can you tell him I love him, miss him
And I’m sorry and that I forgive him, you’ll understand why when you see him..
Thank you, and I will miss you for the rest of my days.
I know I’ll never meet another person as
Harding working and loving as you in this life.. I love you.

Shall you be in peace and loved.

Febuary 14th 2010

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