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Money Storm - Poem by Keith Michael

take into consideration the icicles hanging off the gutter. these are what my day revolves around. not what time i have work or when I'm supposed to meet someone for lunch. but icicles…water! hanging from the gutter. my day revolves around how long i have to take them down before they pull it down and cost me more money that i don't have. so i get on my double breasted coat with the extra fur i paid for inside…another expense. and my leather gloves for what reason i don't know I'm wearing in the snow. next come the long johns under the sweat pants and water resistant overalls. and why else would i own a pair of heavy snow boots unless i was going to wear them to take down some hanging water. so i bob and weave my way through the garage, making my way around the hockey goal and the soccer balls, which in the darkened garage are obstacles in themselves. why isn't this something my dad should be doing today. and finally after five minutes of rummaging i find the ladder and manage to grapple it off the wall. hallelujah the garage lifts open. you'd think i have to say a magic phrase so it could hurry itself up. i drag out the ladder and put it up against the side of the house but it doesn't catch. i look up and to my dismay the gutter is already on the ground. oh well, back inside and ill just say they melted. I'm sure ill hear enough hell over it later, but its too early now

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, November 25, 2012

Poem Edited: Sunday, December 30, 2012

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