Money Talks Poem by Mysia Hayling

Money Talks

When you have money
You can buy respect
Poverty is so easy to detect.

It is amazing what can happen
If you throw a bit of money around
So many people flocking round

You can walk into a store
And demand attention a bit more
You can shop non-stop
Make on-lookers mouth drop
Till their eyes pop!

You can live in the most luxurious hotels,
And drive the most expensive cars
Smoke big cigars
Build beautiful houses with large pillars
Make people shake,
When you can buy the real not the fake.

No need to borrow or lend
Buy expensive gift for a friend
Ride planes like buses
Wear expensive labels.

No cheap stuff or imitation
To buy anything there is no hesitation
You can make all case close
And bury the police nose.

Money can make a man change his mind
It can make people treat you unkind
It can make man lose sleep
And poor people to weep.

Money can allow you to shop in bulk
Not shop like ration
Buy the latest fashion
And require police protection.
Money makes people act nice
Once they know you can pay the price
They won't think twice
It can take the average joe
And make him into a Ceo.

For money man commits the greatest crimes.
Man will sacrifice everything to be rich,
They'll ignore what the bible preach.
And stretch their hands where it can't reach.
Money can buy new body parts.
But it can't buy people's hearts.
Money can save your from a knife
but money cannot give you another life.
Money talks, but the giver of life walks.

Thursday, January 5, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: life
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