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I love my land
I eat by the sweat of my hand
the hot sun God made my body to stand
the rain and I go together like beach and sand.

Every time I see you
Or I hear you my heart skip a beat
And my mind overheats.
I'm frozen cold because the words buried in my soul can never be told.

I love you for the part of me that you bring out,

I love you because your love I can't do without.

Praise to the man who had the idea to bring KFC here, it doesn't seem to be going anywhere.
It is here to stay, as Grenadians eating chicken night and day. Don't talk about when they get pay.
The line stretching right out to the door, they can't get enough they want more. They say the chicken is finger licking, the smell have your mouth dribbling.
The only restaurant that ain't struggling. Don't talk about Christmas, Public Holidays, Big Shows, Sports and Carnival, Chicken flying like hot bread and butter in the air, not even a left over piece anywhere.

Circumstances can change a man,
Circumstances make him turn into a woman.

Circumstances can make her not understand;

Dear God,
Why must man be so wicked and unkind?
Why do they pretend and try to deceive your mind?
Create in me a clean heart O God they pray, they rubbing you the other way. Judge not and ye will not be judged.


Love is not what you see,
Love is what's within,
Love is not in looks,
Love is not written in books.

To my father who didn't dropp his sperm,
And run off like a worm,
as so much other men do.
He knows that it takes two.

I feel so helpless when I look into your eyes.
It pierces my heart with so much pain.
Knowing you'll never be the same.
I stare deep into your eyes,

I hide my heart where you can't find it
I know if I hand it over to you
It will be crushed and badly wounded

People don't pelt stones behind empty trees.
People will try to fight you down, when they see you have potential
You may not know it but you are special
You trying to fit in but you are born to stand out

How quickly love can turn into hate

is it because it never ran deep

We all knew he had potential
But never thought he would be so special
And his life would be so memorial

You may think you are more successful than me
because you do a better job
You maybe married and happy
you have a family and a home.

Somebody probably work obeah on Moso,
What happen to the builder he come so.
Yes, everybody does get sick but this thing happen too quick.
All those who he worked for and those who worked with him have a different story to tell.

You'll be amazed at someone's background
before they can fully say, 'Yes, I've made it'.
You may see someone in suit and tie
but don't know how they get by.

Life is what you make it whether you thread your path to end up a vagrant or a millionaire.
The decision is based on the choices you make, and the mind set you have.
Rosa Parks once said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your permission",
at the end of the day it is your decision.

To be a woman there are certain characteristics that you embody
That set you apart, ain't nothing like a strong woman with a good heart.
Some say they curse the day God made woman, but only God understand that he created it
for us to see the good and the bad, life for some without a woman is really sad.

Being a Mom, is not easy
So when children treat their parents bad
their life will be sad.

You make me lose my head,
but a hungry heart needs to be fed
Before I go to bed
enough is said.

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I Love My Land

I love my land
I eat by the sweat of my hand
the hot sun God made my body to stand
the rain and I go together like beach and sand.

Nothing feels sweeter than eating what I grow
instead of foreign products to swallow.
We keep the money inside
When I invest in the plantation outside.

Wipe that foreign taste out of your mouth
Let local be the one you can't do without
work the piece of land in your yard
don't sell it, rent it when you get tired
The land is the strength of the black man
The harvest is sweeter by the hand.

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No matter what God will always hit a home run for you.

No one can make you fight you have to fight for yourself.

Failure is not final, Success is not the end but the beginning, it is courage and continued persistence that keeps you winning.

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