Moso How You Come So Poem by Mysia Hayling

Moso How You Come So

Somebody probably work obeah on Moso,
What happen to the builder he come so.
Yes, everybody does get sick but this thing happen too quick.
All those who he worked for and those who worked with him have a different story to tell.

The poor man not well, some feel sorry while others say he can go to hell!
All Moso money finish, all who use to revel in it vanish.
Yes, Moso done a lot of wrong but he has also been wronged too.
He was a skilled man though he was foolish due to his lack of education; many took advantage of his situation.

Some say he was very bad pay while he threw money in others way.
Many did benefit from the builder’s uprising but none wants to admit contribution to his down falling.
You really know who your friends are when you are down and out;
he owed a lot of people no doubt.
But those who owing him remain silent, whether it be private or government.

Poor Moso, he gambled his life away. He won the Lotto twice and it went astray, no one knows what he did with it till this day.
From poverty to wealth but if you don’t take care of your health, you have to take the hand you’ve been dealt.

Poor Moso he has lost his mind, life right now is so unkind.
Once a man twice a child.
Some say he is an embarrassment
others can’t take the harassment.

His condition quickly worsens with time. Some say they are fed up with his sickness, while others are saddened by the way he worked so hard to end up crippled in mind and body,
and can’t remember any body.
Who knows what hurts more to be helpless or to be condemned and scorned?

Poor Moso, not so he was but so he come.
No one knows what lies ahead;
we should ask God for forgiveness instead
of rejoicing in someone’s misery,
no one knows what will be the end of their own story.

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