Russell Crow

Silver Star - 3,033 Points (May 25th,1995)

Monotony - Poem by Russell Crow

No stories this time
No gimmicks, no music
This is the spawn of silence
This is the product of utter quiet
There is no one else in this persona
There is no one else playing a part of this poem
There is no one else telling the story
It's just me, the writer
It's just me this time, Russell Nero
Don't mind me, please
just read on and let me know what you think
Don't mind me, please
I'm just airing out the flames burning beneath my feet
I'm just lifting the pressure off my chest
I'm just letting off a series of complaints
imploding in me
I am honestly sick and disgusted
sick and tired
There's not another way to word it
I can't stand it anymore
the ways of people, the ways of man
I'm not a people person as you can tell
I'm not optimistic as well
but I tolerate what I can
for you have to friends in this living hell
I hate to say it
but my viewpoint on the matter is starting to change
why should I need friends
if they're going to stab in the heart
and laugh in victory
as I watch in horror
as they tear it apart piece by piece
Why should I have friends
when they love to raise arguments
from ashes that were never even there
Just to, what
break up the monotony of what?
our normal crazy antics
Oh yeah, that's right we don't have those anymore
if they just dream of about the lips
about some kiss
that has never and will never happen yet
but it's a safe bet
they'll just turn it into a debt
a debt I'd have to repay
for one day
down the road for something so petty
Just great, won't that be fun
I'd rather be on the run
I'd rather be away
just sitting on a bridge today
it'd be better than burning the one I pass today
So I hear now I'm the jerk
So I hear now I'm the villain
So I hear now from different tongues
'oh you're just mean'
'oh you're just a douche'
Well forget you too
I may need friends
but friends like you
What has this all come to
I could scream till I get sick
but I guess it's already halfway accomplished
I guess I'm already halfway there
but whatever
my words aren't even here
so I guess I'm done here
just playing a game as I leave the stage
Go ahead and send your review my way
or not
I don't care either way
I'm just a listener today
or is it a jerk
only you can say...

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