Nadia Daniel

Moon Wanes - Poem by Nadia Daniel

Moon wanes
waxes and wanes
each night changes
but stays the same

Sea rises
sinks and rises
each second surprises
splashes in slices

White moon
On dark sea
clenching wildly
Too soon

Forever and a day
Forever add another to the lot
forever they say
forever minus ever is all the time they've got

People live their long or short lives
Many all in insignificance; bees in bee hives
They've all the time they need but they criticise
The amount of time- more wasting time

Ebony shell of night
Seared with shards of pale pearl so bright
Fogs of misty cloud gaze down from a height
Onto the sea reflecting the light

Moon rips the sky
The heroine of a lullaby
An orb of light so high
Listen closely- a wearied sigh

Seconds tick past
Time at half mast
clock's face to ever last
too slow, too fast

Minutes stream through
Each with it's own hue
Children count- three, one, two
Mix the numbers so it seems like a few

Hours flick straight
Bash through the time keeping gate
Destroy fun and action and wait
directing the complicated course of fate

Days fly in the air
named after names by which to swear
exactly twelve hours each with a pair
once gone retreat into their lair

Months speed too quick to see
as mortals beg for immunity
to the death 'It's not for me'
but it's for everyone, a path to be free

Years are behind says the date on the board
Old before their time a path behind forged
Too quick they've gone from gun to sword
memories set in dust of which layer of nothing has been poured

Decades have past fleetingly gone
The 'old ways' youngsters shun
From growth and wrinkles they all do run
But time will catch up, yes time will come

Fate is but a word
Time is but a phrase
Death is but a shadow
on the passing graves
Change is forbidden
While change is quite new
They all wish to know the time stopping secret
Their ancestor's all wished to know
Meaning is but a formality
Fun a generalization of life
'Take with a fist then chuck it'
the saying is in this modern world strife

'It's the outside which matters'
'Cross that bridge when it appears'
'Life is too short to do anything but laugh'
'Fire doesn't burn, it sears'

In one hundred and fifty odd years
what will be left, of this life?
Everyone gone within reaches of sight
But that thought we avoid
Because to think of the awaiting void
The blackest, endless night
Is a blasphemy of the code of our lives;
Never think, just do, the future is not set in stone
The past defines you, the present is the best, in it's fast and luxurious tone

So begone, everyone who wants to believe
In spiritual spirits and emotions none can perceive
Things you can't touch, or take with a fist
One who doesn't breath, and to speak does desist
the ghosts in the night, the ghouls in the day
The souls and spirits that follow our way
Moon wanes
Waxes and wanes
Each night changes
Yet stays the same
Yet stays the same

Moon wanes
Waxes and wanes
Each night
Yet stays
The same

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, November 7, 2012

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