Gloria Valencourt

Moonlight Incarnate - Poem by Gloria Valencourt

There's no other phrase to describe her.
You say it fits her perfectly.
You called her Sunlight Incarnate
But where does that leave me?

You say her light is overwhelming
And flawless, yes of course.
And by nature you are drawn to it
By a gravitational force.

I feel like I've been damned to shadows,
Cursed to evening's light.
Because you close your eyes to me
When I am out of sight.

I'm still right here like the moon in the day,
When the Sunlight rules the sky.
In my own corner of the atmosphere
Look up and don't deny.

Because I see you and clearly, too.
And I wonder when you'll learn.
Boy, when you play with fire,
It's eventual, you will burn.

And I will be your resting place,
When this time is done
I will be your saving grace
As I relieve the sun.

It's possible to be effected without causing an effect,
And this is where you stand
You mean about as much to her
As a minute grain of sand.

But, as the Moon it is my job
To help earth turn the tide,
And I'm aware of all the sand
That's taken in my stride.

I said I'm not going anywhere.
I'm not. I'm staying here.
But how can I sit idly by,
While you cleave to her, dear?

My orbit is fixed and I can't try to break it
And I guess yours is the same
So, I'll remain the high and constant Moon
And watch you catch aflame.

And when the day is finished,
I can grant you rest
You, yourself, have always known
Nighttime is the best.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, April 7, 2012

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